Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



This topic is to discuss plans and set up for Calling the Corners. As nicely explained by Robert:

Mountie Team 1 Volunteers:

Ashburn (Ebenguard)
OracleSage (Gossmere)
Ravenwing (Thornmouth)
Griffon? (Flinterforge)
Cj_heighton (Balimora)
Smurfette (Ebenguard)
Viviane (Flinterforge)


I think this group should be mostly for those that can’t make the 23rd date. This would give everyone a chance to be involved with the big end push. If more people want to join in this section, however, we could double up each (12 people), might boost it?


So I don’t know which group I’m going to be part of but I had an idea for this one. Everyone knows how we made the sigils to boost the Defensive Shield in one of the Operations? Why not make a new set to help stabilize the maqic energy? All of the maqic energy in one area will be incredibly difficult to contain, so I thought the sigils could help.


I’m up to try helping with any of these sections, but with how up in the air my schedule tends to be, this may be the best fit if just helping with one. (as it stands, the 23rd is currently open for me)

Edit: just looked up which element I’d be covering and feel like I have the perfect thing for it. :blue_heart:


If there is no other Gossmere who can do this I would be happy to assist.


I could help out if y’all need it. I work on the 23rd until 4pm EST so I probably won’t be much use there.


that would be a good idea, maybe i can make a focusing sigil.

also, aorthora’s energy can be used to call the corners and gather the energy needed.
i cant be super helpful if its before the 23rd, and even then, only during a limited time on the 23rd


The sigils may assist us, but we still need the objects and full spell.


Potentially volunteering? I don’t really know how or exactly what I’m doing but… ya know, I was looking for a silver lining here but I can’t really find one.


Me and my guitar volunteer.


So we need six to cast this spell, each with an object we feel represents our guilds element
Balimora, Wilds
Ebenguard, Tides
Thornmouth, Thoughts
Gossmere, Aether
Weatherwatch, Light
Flinterforge, Ore

For aether I have several potential objects


I want to help but I’m not that creative with words…


I believe Calling the Corners has a preset verse that goes with each Element. It’s been a while. I keep meaning to go through Fragment 8 and post the details here but I keep not having time. Hopefully soon.

Also I think it’s a great idea to have the Sigils you guys created used in this. Maybe each object could rest on top of it’s corresponding sigil or something after the grounding has started.


Am I right in thinking we still need someone to represent Weatherwatch?


I have an object if y’all want me to do thornmouth’s.


Do we want to use the sigil’s from Aorthora or make new ones just for this? I think it would be easier to just use the sigil’s already made some don’t get sidetracked.


I’d say totally use the existing ones. A lot of care went into them and they are perfect for this!


Ok, here they are.IMG_1199IMG_1201IMG_1205IMG_1202IMG_1223


I’m curious as to how we can to incorporate the sigils. The spell requires physical objects, and I have also been looking for the verbal aspect @Robert, so far I’ve found nothing! :anguished:


It’s easy enough. A printed version will work just fine. You place said object on top of the sigil while saying the quote that is around the sigil, activating it. The sigil than boosts whatever spell is being done.

Edit: A sigil is just used to boost or stabilize a spell. That’s what we used it for during Aorthora and what I hope to use it for when we use the new spell to bring all the maqic into one area. They will hopefully boost the process of drawing maqic, making it faster, and stabilize the maqic so that nothing goes wrong before we can use it.