Avengers: Endgame Discussion SPOILERS ABOUND


It’s been our for a little over a week so I figured I could put this up. If you haven’t seen Endgame but plan to, PLEASE do so before reading any posts below.


I’ve literally just got back from the cinema! :laughing:


I’m hiding spoilers in my first post just in case readers pop in. I don’t want anyone to get an accidental spoiler. Don’t read further if you haven’t seen it and plan to go!

Cap + Mjolnir = One of the greatest moments I’ve ever experienced in film. Goosebumps on goosebumps and such a wonderful payoff. Cap is worthy.
I headcanon that he could lift it at the party in Age of Ultron but chose not to because that’s Cap.


I saw it opening weekend and I’m still having emotions about it.


So first off I thought that Captain Marvel would have player a much bigger part in the film but alas didn’t. Second I felt that there was just too much going on and it was all a bit rushed in the end. They should probably have split it into two parts. But criticism aside I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I loved all the little jokes and how thor turned out was hilarious


So from what I understand, they filmed Captain Marvel’s bits in Endgame before her solo movie came out and apparently they didn’t think it would do well so they didn’t want to put too much of her in Endgame :roll_eyes: (can you tell I’m bitter). I had some nitpicks after the fact, but it was such a great watching experience. And the bit where everyone comes back??? And Captain America??? Will I ever recover, probably not.


So I was crying for like most of that film, because yay empathy? It hurt

Without getting too spoilery just yet?
One of my favourite parts though was when Peter was like “How is she going to get it through all that?” And then all of the super amazing women were like she has help don’t worry
It was such a refreshing and awesome moment of yes women can and will kick butt too that I didn’t know I needed so badly.


Yup! Absolutely same…I loved that scene too!


Yes! The dawn of A-Force?!


I want it to be pretty badly :cagsfabulous:


Overall, of course, it was an enjoyable movie. I will say that I was deeply disappointed by the fatphobic jokes. And let’s be totally real, dad bod Thor is gonna have some very steamy fanfic out there soon if it isn’t already! Get that body shaming trash outta here!

Also, I’m uncomfortable with how hot they made Hulk Bruce??? I don’t wanna think the Hulk is a babe, and yet HERE WE ARE. Thanks, Mark Ruffalo, for this CURSE.

I loved Steve’s ending. I thought Tony’s ending made perfect sense considering how the entire franchise began.

Nebula’s character development was so good.

LOVE YOU 3,000.


So, I’ll just start with this: OMG I’VE BEEN DYING TO TALK ABOUT THIS FILM!!!
Okay, I’m good now…

I loved that Steve got to go back and have the life he wanted, that was just… And when Natasha died I was nearly done. I didn’t find the ending rushed. If anything I was surprised how quickly the movie killed Thanos (yeah yeah, he came back in a past form, but you know what I mean). I am glad that there’s apparently an extended version of the final battle in a director’s cut though, should be interesting to see. Captain Falcon America too? Um, yes! And I so agree withthe part with everyone stepping into the final battle, I couldn’t stop myself grinning ear to ear.

Most touching scene for me has to be Thor speaking with Frigga again. OMG, I nearly cried (and I don’t cry watchign movies). She was just so calm and just… She knew exactly what was coming the moment she saw his reaction to her, and I can’t help but love her character and feel her lose, Thor’s lose, even more.


And OMG, Cap standing up, shield broken, ready to take on Thanos and his army alone…
And then Sam’s voice on his radio with the very line that introduced them in the beginning of Winter Solider:

“On your left.”


I loved this movie so much! I’m such a huge fan of the franchise and had been waiting for so long for Endgame to come out. Overall I thought it was a great movie but I definitely would have changed some of the character’s actions throughout the plot (like I’m kind of not a fan of the new hulk combination). However, it broke my heart to see Tony’s sacrifice in the end since he’s my favorite character. Still not healed from that. And I would have to say my favorite scenes are the first appearance of Morgan (I have been waiting for so long to see Tony as a dad), the whole 2012 Avengers 1 scene, and Doctor Strange’s hand gesture before Tony’s sacrifice. I love Marvel so much and loved this movie.


Howard the duck fought in the end battle scene

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i know many a women that love “The Dude” Thor.


It was so good. I enjoyed when Cap got the hammer the most, but when everyone was coming out to build the Avernger’s army, I had tears in my eyes. 11 years of my life had such an amazing ending.


I don’t know if any of you stayed till the very end (You probably did because let’s face it we’re all massive geeks) but there is a post credit sound that sounds a lot like a hammer and forge. It could either be a reference to the first iron man or hinting that iron man will return :tinfoilhat:


… Is this real?


Yah but he was in it for like a millisecond