August Hangout is Tonight!


Hey Mounties!
So the August hangout is tonight at 6pm EDT
Here’s the link for the event at Youtube:

And her’s the video hangout link:


I’m so happy about this it’s not even funny!!!


I hope everyone has a blast!! I will be at work, but will try my best to watch the Youtube :slight_smile:




I hope to be able to make it!


I don’t think I can make it tonight but have fun!


Same unfortunately but have fun everyone!


Boooooo too allllll who can’t make iiiiiiit! We’ll do another, later, very soon!


You left!


Was it cancelled?


no, it’s going on right now :slight_smile: come join us!


It’s still on! I’m on the Youtube stream and that’s going fine!


Not even gonna lie @CJB
@Ginger, @Deyavi, and I have been holding down the google hangout for 5 hours now :joy_cat: