Assessment badges


I heard talk of there being assessment badges? Are those a thing? I know several mounties as well as I don’t have them. Idk.


They are a thing and it does seem like some people didn’t get them who were part of assements.


Those are a thing. Not ‘assessment’ badges so much as phase badges. The Stargazer badge was the most recent for fragments 9-12. And yes, from looking at the list of people who got them you’re missing, @Sellalellen

Hey @Bash doing some snooping I see that it looks like 75 people got the 1st phase badge, 100 people got the 2nd and 150 got the 3rd. Those are suspiciously divisible by 25 numbers. Is it possible whatever automated system you used to give out the badges did it in lots of 25 and some lots either failed or didn’t complete for some reason?


I never got one either - I assumed it was because I started right before Fragment 11, and was not around for Fragments 9 or 10.


That’s the same for me except I joined near the end of Fragment 10.


I signed up and within a day or two, got the Book’s Fragment 11 email, and honestly thought it was something special that I had inadvertently done to trigger the Fragment.


As long as you were around before the badge was distributed, you should be eligible for it. If you haven’t gotten the stargazer badge then definitely let CJ know!


What was the day it was distributed??


I’m unsure of the exact day. I think it was sometime mid-June?


Ah okay thank you


I joined at the beginning of June (the 4th) and subsequently fragment 12 (or at least when we got the list from the Lost Athenaeum). Does that mean I’m eligible for said badge?


You should be! Oracle picked the name on like the 15th, so it definitely didn’t exist before then.


@CJB, could you please help us with this?


Thanks @CJB!


Oh? Did you get yours?


I sure did! Thanks!


:sweat::sweat:Didn’t get it, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


Same, if it makes you feel better


I don’t have one, either.


I didn’t mind that much, just feels goofy.