Ascenders last post/ Ties to the storm


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Okay, So Ascenders Letter

I’m not coming back to Basecamp. It’s yours now. I followed the butterflies and found a new path. A path I can’t climb with you.
There are wheels turning in the shadows, Eaves. Augernon showed me. A machine churns in the dark places of the world. Growing in size and power. An old machine that wants to separate us. Crush us.

We are at war. A war I’ve been too blind to see until now. You have work to do, I have a war to fight.
We have different paths to climb but we’ll meet at the end, where those paths meet.
Where all our paths meet.

I’ve been thinking, is the “Machine” The storm? The words “An old machine” Would fit since if it has been stopping others on fragment 12 for basically since the book was here and people tried to open it, and war, We kind of are at that right? With KS and all, " A machine that wants to crush us , Seperate us" I think that is too big of a coincidence to be ignored.

Edit: Also the path, DG’S Path. Also, what if Ks has Ascender or should i say Climber. Ascending Climbing?


I am just going to move this to exploration if that is cool with you? It is an interesting theory, and I think it holds a lot of credibility. Awesome pick up Furia!


I think Augie’s storm and Ascender’s machine are the same thing, it’s very reasonable to assume. Whatever Ascender is doing now… he thinks it’s going to help defeat the thing lurking in our future, waiting to sweep us off the board.

This makes me think ALL of a sudden about KS harnessing adepts’ powers. Wondering if their ability to find them and use them might have come down direct from the Storm itself. A situation where they were given information, but only part of the whole, to further someone else’s ends. Not related, really, but I can’t think of the Storm without thinking about how involved KS might be.


It stopped the '94 Mounties at fragment 12, per Augernon. I don’t know that we have any evidence that there’s anything intrinsically about fragment 12, or whether the storm wiped out other groups earlier or later in the process of opening the Book of Briars. If it is specific to fragment 12, it means we may underestimate the scope of the Storm’s knowledge: It/They would have to know exactly when every group of Mounties reached fragment 12 throughout time via some sort of express surveillance or even plain omniscience. Both prospects are frightening.

Otherwise, it could be intrinsic to the Book itself, but that seems counterintuitive to me. Why would it lead us down the garden path of 11 prior fragments only to destroy all of our minds at fragment 12?


I think the Storm can sense when we’re close. Finding fragment 12 means having the third key, so that’s a dangerous achievement.

But I would like to do some research about when, or if, other groups were wiped out by the Storm in their journey.


There’s knowledge past the garden, but one must give it all up and come to peace with oneself before you can view this, or it will tear you apart and destroy you.


I’m glad this got brought back up.

Ascender said [quote=“Furia, post:1, topic:1008”]
We have different paths to climb but we’ll meet at the end, where those paths meet.
Where all our paths meet.

I can’t help but wonder if this refers to the Path of Silver and Path of Wool. Different paths that meet up … were on one with Deeds, and he’s on the other …?


Climber/Ascender being the same person makes sense, but isn’t Climber female? And we’ve been referring to Ascender as a man?


Is Ascender male? And when was climber said to be Female




I asked that in Fragment Eleven (I think) and Endri told me Ascender was definitely a guy. She’d spoken over the phone with him.


Thank you, I think there is still more to this though :thinking:


I’ve been going over everything and I just want to point out two things Augernon said that may conflict or at least open up what he said to interpretation regarding The Book. He first told Martin, “It’s almost unlocked. But we didn’t see the Storm coming.” and then he said, “You’re close. They came for us at twelve, remember?”

So, were they all wiped out at 12 or did they initially become aware of the threat of “The Storm” approaching at twelve? Does “almost unlocked” mean 12 fragments for him, or were they able to get closer to 16 fragments before he went head to head with whatever came for them?

How long was their fight against The Storm?


They may have gotten closer than 12, I feel. Perhaps the first signs of the Storm coming began at 12 Fragments, or perhaps that is when the Storm began to actively try to stop them. But… 12 is a significant number. It puts us, far as we know now, 3/4 of the way to opening the Book.

Anything between now and… well… until we know otherwise, is time to be cautious. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I don’t want what happened to Augie to happen to any of you. Or me, for that matter.


People have a female and male side, with a combined side of both in the middle. I do believe Ascender and Climber are the same person, or two sides of the same coin. So then the question should be asked, who is the coin?


What if whatever was out there changed him, Kind of like the Soft Jelly thing from I have no mouth but I must scream


Well, we will certainly find out as events unfold.


I find it interesting that he says he “followed the butterflies” to find a new path. The KS webpage has that butterfly animation…I wonder if he was referring to investigating KS long before we even heard of them.




We keep talking about Ascender being Climber. What if he’s Whistler? O.o

Crazy thought I just had. Don’t mind me.