"As from your graves rise up, and walk like sprites"


“On the catastrophe and heel of pastime,”

“I’ll say as they say and persever so,
And in this mist at all adventures go.”

“How that ambitious Constance would not cease”.

“Collected from all simples that have virtue”.

“A second hope, as fairly built as Hector.”

“If only I could tap that lass.”


A collector? The Order? Tap that lass?
Collector is a role, collector of what? And the modern faith? So many questions.


A) Welcome to gossmere! shoves cookie in steves mouth
B) Can someone post a transcript? Moble wont make it out.


Thank you Steve.
Painful vernacular, though, Mr Tricksy.

This has brilliant parallels with my area of expertise - the re-emergence of magical societies following 18th century nationalism. If you want a giggle, look up the life of Iolo Morgannwg.

The Collector, a title heartening back to the butterflies, and as a secret society name, a very stylish one. Nice to see a young lady in the role.
But I wonder what happened in 1780 - another Storm?


"Constance Barrett was born in Marlborough England in 1762

Constance is considered the first Collector, She inherited the title following the tragic events of 1780 that destroyed most of the records held by The Order, and specifically all records of previous Collectors. She was the first to take the role on publicly.

While, During her time in the role her identity remained a secret (as it does for each holder of the position while in the role), she changed the way we record holders of the position. Her tenure is best remembered for her bravery and adventure-like spirit. She traveled widely in her role and learned a great deal for The Order. It was a tenure filled with knowledge, change and writing.

With over 45 years Collector she is seen as the founder of the modern faith, bringing us fully into the age of Modernity."


She kinda sounds like Dierdre.


She does. I wonder how they chose Collectors. Election? A test? Inheritance?

As you say, there are so many questions.


As from your graves rise up and walk like sprites is Shakespeare, Macbeth; act 2, scene 3.
“As from your graves rise up, and walk like sprites,
To countenance this horror! Ring the bell”

“On the catastrophe and heel of pastime,” Also Shakespeare, All’s Well that Ends Well

“I’ll say as they say and persever so,
And in this mist at all adventures go.” Again Shakespeare ( do I detect a theme?) A Comedy of Errors.

“How that ambitious Constance would not cease”. Shakespeare, The Life and Death of King John

“A second hope, as fairly built as Hector.” Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

“If only I could tap that lass.” Steve, Drunken Stupor


I was in that play/scene

I knew the line sounded familiar, its after Mcbeth kills the king.


This is a painting of Cressida from Troilus and Cressida, by Edward J. Poynter


So there’s a very literary connection too. Oh goodie.


The office of Collector and The Faith were referenced in the original butterfly post from @Steve last week, outlining the different species of butterfly mapping to 7 Royal Houses.

It would seem we are learning more and more about our historical predecessors and how they were organized.


I’m so confused. What’s going on? All I’m reading is a transcript for a play…


I searched important events in England for the year 1780 and learned about the ‘Gordon Riots’. Apparently it was labeled as the most destructive urban riots in English history, they were sparked by resistance to the Catholic Relief Act of 1778, the riots eventually escalated into a sustained assault on government properties and institutions. It even led to the protesters setting fire to the private houses of members of parliament, central London prisons, and the toll-booths on bridges; even the Bank of England was attacked.
I’m not sure how this would connect, but I don’t want to rule out anything. Sorry if this does not lead anywhere.:sweat_smile:


These “Gordon Riots” seem like a good candidate for whatever destroyed The Order’s records.

Or at least, a good cover.


The Gordon riots were initially a massive up rising against Catholicism. 2 years earlier, some restrictions on Catholics in public life were lifted, and the public were displeased.

This could be an unfortunate reason (lots of property was torched indiscriminately). Or a cover story. But the loss of knowledge fits the age very well.
Ten years later, religious riots in Birmingham ruined lots of work by Priestly in a similar way.


Interesting note I ran across while rereading some old pages this morning. From the page on Climber.

Every ancestor she is descended from, and shares her memories with, followed the path of wool.

The implications… could she be a collector like her ancestor? Or has she found herself at the crux of two miracles?

Teddy refers to her ancestor as a collector. Not THE collector. Is it a title, is it a job description? And was Constance really a previous life of Climber? Weird.