Artober - MAGIQverse Edition - Daily Bursts of Creativity!



That’s stunning, Manji! That short story is such a Flinter classic and I love your depiction of the crown :crown:


@OracleSage Aw, thanks! I might have to go back and paint it in the future.

PRSNE. I gave up on letting it dry to erase my pencil marks. I like the ink a lot, but it’s hard to use.


Combat Magiq. I’m far from calling myself an artist, but sometimes I draw things that I have to question if I really did it or not. This is one of those times.

Warren. It’s obvious how it looked in my head.


Manji your stuff is beautiful. I’m jealous of your persistence. I kinda fell off in the middle somewhere :sweat_smile:


@Sellalellen Thank you. I’ve been drawing on and off for a year now. I’m very much an “all or nothing” person. So, I either draw every day, or not at all. I’d actually not drawn since before the summer when this started. I made it this far, I might as well finish. Besides, I have been looking forward to drawing the caterpillow since day one!

Wool. After I drew it, I realized some elements would have been better served in other locations. Next time.

  1. Wool


Unanchored. (bleh)



  1. Nightmare

I awoke, sweating.
They had taken them all and
I was just helpless.


@Augustus_Octavian I love the two sentence nightmare.



Thanks, @manji! I love every single one of your drawings!


Thank you so much!


THESE ARE SO COOL OMG. quietly fangirls in a corner


Element. Don’t like this one as much, but you know, can’t win them all


Key. Not feeling great so keeping it simple tonight.


Wonder. I’m SO excited for the caterpillow!

  1. Wonder

“Ante omnia
admiratio,” he said.
And so I wondered.


These are all soooo cool! :deirdreexcited:


The life cycle of a caterpillow.

In the first stage of its life, a caterpillow resembles a caterpillar, and may be mistaken for one at first glance. The most obvious difference is that it’s body is covered by a camouflaged pillowcase, with only its pillow sticking out of the end. When frighted or when sleeping, it tucks itself into its pillowcase for safety.

In the second stage, the caterpillow grows a soft, downy fur, with a feeling similar to mohair. This fine hair can be carefully sheared with minuscule caterpillow shears. Often, hobbyists will keep caterpillow farms on their desks, using a magnifying glass to assist with shearing. The caterpillow wool is highly prized, and can be spun into yarn, often used to make wonderful scarves for loved ones given as gifts during the winter holidays.

During the third stage of the caterpillow lifecycle, it encases itself fully into its pillowcase, and creates a protective barrier around itself. This is often referred to as the linen stage. The pattern on the pillowcase during this stage is unique to each caterpillow, and may vary throughout the years depending on its mood.

In the final stage (not pictured) the caterpillow may emerge from the linen stage with large wings, or, depending on how it’s feeling, return to the first stage, to start anew.


Last one! Mirumagiqum