Artober - MAGIQverse Edition - Daily Bursts of Creativity!



Theme 7 - Tome Kindling

Done fully on Procreate during tech breaks


I love the fabric design on the coat, @Revenir :heart_eyes:

Great work so far, everyone! I can’t wait to see what else you all will come up with!


I couldn’t make up my mind on the ghosts, so I drew two.


“Are you there?” He spoke out loud. No one else in the house would be awake. No one else would hear him. The red LED letters on the clock read “3:10”.

Nothing. Not a rattle. Not a squeak. Not even sounds of the house settling, the boards slowly contracting in the cool, fall air.

“I know you’re here. It’s okay. I’m here too,” he spoke to the darkness, his voice just a whisper. “I miss you, so much. Not a day goes by where I don’t wish I could talk to you again. Text with you. Laugh with you. I don’t know if you can hear me or not. I hope that you can. I wish I could hear you say that you miss me too. I know you feel it though. I just wish you could show me some sign. Some sign that you still think of me. Some sign you remember the great times we had. I guess I’m happy to know that you’re still here though. I guess it’s more than I could ask for otherwise.”

Still, no stirring. No noises. Nothing.

He flicked on the bedside lamp. His brother slept soundly, just beyond his reach, in the land of the living. He turned the light off, and returned to his lonely vigil.

(8. Ghost)


Playing catch up a bit.

Shapeshift. Quite happy with the wings, just wish the hands and feet weren’t so…distracting. So very hard to draw.

Adept. As in, Manji is not an adept at letting the ink dry before erasing pencil lines.


Osh. Just found this thread. Going to be playing catch up for a bit, but I love it still!


I’m trash and dying from tech week, but I plan to catch up when I can. :cagsrip:


Not really in the spirit of one-a-day, but I read 5-7 together and this popped into my head and it was cute, so here.


I’m living for all this art! @manji I am obsessing over those wings :heart_eyes:


Aw, thank you!



I want to thank @Revenir for this post. I started drawing last summer, and stopped a few months ago. I am very much an all or nothing person, and all of your comments, and lovely art helps me to want to continue. I want to get back into my watercolors, but I will wait until the month is over.


Late to the (11.) Forest party


late 11: forest


Playing catch up again. Have done a terrible job of flipping back to days.




Hopefully this is the last of catching up.





That Steve…



  1. Silver


Many Hands- The Crown of Glass from @Mike’s short story


Palace of Doors