Artober - MAGIQverse Edition - Daily Bursts of Creativity!



Edit: no opposition. Go for it. (Immediately realized I answered the question in a way that was syntactically incorrect so I fixed it.)


Ooooh, im digging this!! Kinda looks like a guild crest to me :heart_eyes:


I enjoy October way too much


Yep, that was the inspiration! “Caprathorn” instantly read to me as “Capricon + Thornmouth,” and then this happened…


Theme #3 - Caprathorn Club:

For this one, I want to do a bit of a concept/idea?

So, as you all know, the term Caprathorn Club comes from the end of Phase Two, the performance of the Cagliostro. In Marty’s recording, someone said “The last time I saw you was at the Caprathorn Club,” which led us to Fragment Eight. Anyways, what that is is a mystery that we never solved. I want to put forward an idea.

One thing that’s always stuck with me was the idea of the masks/unmasks. So I have the idea of the Caprathorn Club being a gathering place for the magimystical elite. The people that Marty mentioned were rumored to have gotten wealthy off their powers and such. Anyways, my thinking was that not everyone wants to reveal their identity, so there are masks people wear. And the masks are of the Caprathorn, in varying antler shapes and fur patterns depending on the person’s magiqal affinities. But the masks aren’t just a costume piece, they’re enchanted so the person is literally obscured in the face unless they choose to reveal themselves to you. So people will go and mingle, and while some people are very open about their identities, the others will have these little masked fetes in the Caprathorn Club. The club itself I imagine to be hidden, similar to the Rosacrucian Temple, and very sleek, high end. A place to see others but also show off one’s magimystical prowess.

Also, as a random tangent - masks are something I imagine are commonplace with the Woolies too. They have different functions and forms depending on who is wearing them and their intentions.

I think I might return to this before the month is over, but there’s my little snippet for the day.


I totally forgot about this, but I love your concept for it! Sign me up!

P.S. will catch up on prompts over the weekend!


“As you all know,” LOL. :joy: Clearly did not pay enough attention to this recording when I caught up. But now I wanna do the prompt again…


Beloved Herman!


Theme #4 - Herman:

So I actually did a lot of extracurricular painting today, but it’s all top secret. So, have a horrible haiku (also known as Reasons Why I’m Not a Poet):

Our famous mascot
Dreams of a world of wonder,
Which we can achieve.


I had a terrible time getting my camera to focus. Too bad there’s no potion for that!


Theme #5: Potion

A quick Procreate doodle for today.


Freddy the Furomaris


I think I accidentally made the Tome Kindling patch for the Mountie Scouts. Don’t mind the smears, I get a little over excited when it comes to erasing time and I forget to let the ink dry.


I want to adopt him.


I’m so stunned and amazed by you all!


Totally crashed last night so here is a belated Theme 6 - Furomaris



7 - tome kindling


Tome Kindling


Dang I just saw this thread. Gonna have to change from inktober to this!


Feel free to post your inktobers here if you like! No need to follow the prompts.