Artober - MAGIQverse Edition - Daily Bursts of Creativity!



ARTOBER - MAGIQverse Edition

About Artober

Artober was inspired by Inktober, but this challenge is more lax. The point of Artober is to get you to be creative every day. Spend five minutes on a sketch, or snap a quick photo on your cell phone, or tap out a few sentences in between classes. It is a flexible, quick act to get you in the daily habit. The challenge lasts from October 1st to October 31.

When I think about my own habits, I spend a lot of time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, browsing Twitter, or sitting around waiting until my next thing comes up. And then I come home and I’m tired, I have homework, and it feels like there’s no time to do art for myself and not just my classes. I want to do this challenge to train myself to slip in those extra minutes of creativity, not just on the weekends but on weekdays too. If any of this sounds similar to you, then maybe we can all work together to be more creative!

Questions and Answers
How much time do I need to spend on these?
As little or as much time as you want. It could be typing a paragraph story or doodling a rough sketch while you're waiting for your lecture to start. If you want to spend more time and do a polished piece, that's cool too. Go where the prompt takes you.
What sorts of media are allowed?
Anything and everything. You can write, draw, paint, photograph, make photoshop graphics, sew, papercraft, collage, whatever. As long as it's creative, it's cool.
What if I miss a day?
I encourage everyone to try to post every day if you can, even if it's something small and simple. That said, no one will get out their judgement spoons if you miss a day.
What if I don't like the prompt?
Feel free to switch out the prompt for something else, or do whatever you like! The prompts are here to help inspire, not to stifle your creativity.
What do I do with my finished products?
You can post them in this thread or on Discord, whatever is more comfortable for you. But mention it's for Artober if you don't mind? Feel free to post them on any social media, but it's not a requirement.

Day of Change Belated Anniversary

Sounds fun. I’m in!


I’m in too! I was painting every day, but got out of it. I got a brush pen to try out. I’ll be posting it all on my instagram, ganderball_studio. Post yours if you’ve got one!


This is awesome! Looking forward to participating!


Oh my gosh, finally an art prompt that I can do even though I’m bad at art!


I’m in all the way! Can’t wait to see all the awesome creations that come out of this!


That’s the spirit! :eaves:

This challenge is designed so that the only way not to succeed is by giving up or doing nothing. My ultimate goal is to change people’s mindsets, so instead of saying “I can’t be creative today,” people will say “I can be creative today, I can use this 5 minutes to sketch instead of browsing social media.” If you can post a text message-length sentence or make a stick figure on a cafe napkin, then you won for the day. No previous skills, no expensive supplies, and no lengthy prep time needed!

  1. Fraylily

As seen in a dream,
perfect symmetry revealed.
Key to first fragment.

[Bringing back the haiku for Artober, @Helios!]


This makes me unbelievably happy


Playing with @CRSumner’s drawing a little Fraylily1


Theme #1: Fraylily

A 30 minutes-ish mockup of an old PRSFNE logo sketch I did eons ago. Definitely needs some finessing but I still had fun with it.



I let the cold petals fall on my bare feet,
they feel like gossamer and smell like magnolia.
This is spring, it must be.
I can see it in their full blooms,
and how the chimney smoke climbs into lofty evening air.
When you break a stem, wonder pours out
it fills the sky with music,
and a thousand little hopes.


Got a new brush pen. Holy learning curve Batman!


From the Ancient Mappe of Fairyland. Did you know they made it into a puzzle?


Double post bc I forgot to take a pic of my doodle yesterday.



Theme #2 - Illiomancy

It’s a napkin doodle kind of day. :cagsko:


I (technically) painted a thing. And yeah I know my cuticles are a mess but I don’t care. It’ll wear off by tomorrow.





I really have no idea, you guys.


That’s really cool actually?? Would you be opposed to someone digitizing it into a poster format at some point? :eyes: