Art and Design Thread


There’s a good number of designers and aspiring designers on this forum, I wanted to make a designated place for you to post your visual work, ask for critique if you want it, and if not, just a chance to show off (because no matter what, we like it).

My usual passion projects come from photography and photoshop. I love the challenge of taking something fantastical and making it believeable (Look up Erik Johansson if you want to see a true master of this). This is one of my favorites from senior year:

When I’m not doing this, I’ve poked lighthearted fun at my band friends by replacing their guitars with slugs.

Aside from that, most of my job work involves minimalist design through illustrator. It’s fun in its own special ways, mostly just through the challenge of taking a big idea of a company and seeing how to capture their personality in a single image.

Share some of your stuff, this could be an awesome support group for people in the industry!


Aww, it looks like your friend is giving the slug a nice hug! Precisely as one should do with a slug of that size.

Something epic is afoot in that first one! Wow. It looks like a movie still from the end of Part I.


These are great! My spouse is a powerpoint designer and I know (secondhand) how much work goes into good design. Thank you for sharing!


Is that a freelance position or does he work for a company? Because freelance powerpoint sounds sooooo difficult, considering what customers want us to accomplish.


My spouse uses they/them pronouns :wink: they work for a design group with several clients in the tech world.


Ahh! I’ll try to keep that in mind for next time.