Announcement: Guild Leadership


I’ve been thinking a lot about how to continue and grow the guild experience even when The Monarch Papers comes to a conclusion.

The next twelve months are going to be a busy time for me and Ackerly Green Publishing. And even though I will continue to be intrinsically involved in the community, I want to be sure that there are always new, enriching, and exciting things planned for the guilds.

So today I’m announcing Guild Leadership.

Over the past month I’ve chosen a group of readers based on their level of involvement, their time in the community, and how they’ve treated other readers during TMP. I chose a mix of established and new readers, but all “green” leadership members are leaders for three months and then we/they can decide whether to continue or we can slot in new readers who are interested. A lot of the decision-making was based on numbers and some of it was highlighting people’s encouraging posts and comments over the past year.

Leaders are going to help me create ongoing projects and experiences for the guilds.

One great example is The Ackerly Green Community Fellowship.

Other plans in the works are a NaNoWriMo group, the second year of Operation Nepenthe where we find ways to help those in need within our local communities, as well as creative projects like a mapmaker society where we will explore and chronicle the terrain and wildlife of Neithernor. We’re also going to run creativity contests, exhibits, armchair scavenger hunts, and collaborative projects.

The Leaders are also going to help get new guild members up to speed by showing them the ropes, directing them to recaps, and designing community tips-and-tricks.

Finally, moderators for the forum and Discord will be selected from Leaders who volunteer to take on the task, helping me shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the warm, welcoming vibe of the current community.

There are term windows involved with Leadership and when the time comes, new leaders will be chosen and the ranks will change and grow. If you’re interested in Leadership, PLEASE let me know.

So if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about guild projects please reach out to me or your Guild Leader!

Guild Leadership Roster:

Weatherwatch’s Captains: @Remus and @Skylad
Gossmere’s Call to Hearth: @OracleSage and @Augustus_Octavian
Flinterforge’s Head Artificer and Runekeeper: @Revenir and @Viviane
Ebenguard’s The Scale: @Deyavi and @Ginger
Thornmouth’s First Words: @Sellalellen and @VictorianFlorist
Balimora’s Chaos Quorum: @Brendon, @Kelsey, @Leigha, @Robert, and @Nimueh


Also, feel free to post your ideas and community suggestions here!


Good job! @Remus @Skylad


Congratulations @Sellalellen and @VictorianFlorist! You are gonna be great leaders!!


Fantastic, amazing, phenomenal those are the words to describe every single one of you. The backbone and strength of our family. :blue_heart:


Congrats all! I know you’ll do great!


Who else would it be besides @Revenir and @Viviane ! Congrats guys


Congratulations to my partner in what ever the opposite of crime is, @OracleSage. Congratulations to all my fellow guild leaders, as well!




Lawful goodness?


Partner in crime-fighting, obviously.


That’s it lol


@Augustus_Octavian Congratulations!! I look forward to working with you to make Gossmere the open and fun community it was always meant to be!


You have picked perfect Captains for the Weatherwatch guild. Congratulations to all of the new leaders! :heart:


Awww, thanks @WarriorRose and @Furia. I’ll try and do my best, and I’m sure Sky and the rest of us will do their best as well!