An Overdue Apology


A long while ago, I left this forum and the discord chat very abruptly. I left so suddenly because I was going through a rough patch in my life mental health wise, and I didn’t have the energy or time with school and extra-curricular activities to stay on top of everything on the forum and discord. I didn’t explain this problem to anyone because I didn’t want to put my problems in anyone else’s hands, so I silently skunk away and dealt with my problems on my own, with my parents denying any quiet requests for a therapist. It was a long and frustrating stretch of darkness that has ebbed out over the months. It’s still there, but I’ve learned to deal with it. Anyways, back to the point of this post. I’m here to apologize to everyone for leaving so suddenly, leaving without explanation, and making people worried. I’m deeply sorry if you were concerned, I just needed to deal with things quietly.
Goldthorn (AKA Colin)


You shouldn’t need to apologize for taking care of yourself, and if that meant taking a step back, then that’s fine. You and your health should come first. The awesome part of the Mountaineers is that we will always be here when you’re ready to come back after venturing on your own.
So welcome back! Glad you returned!


You don’t need to apologize for anything. Many of us Mountiees have done the same thing. It happens and you need to take care of yourself. As @Ginger said, your health comes first.


Its totally fine. You don’t ever need to apologize for stepping back and taking care of yourself. We’rehappy to have you back nd you can always lean on us for support if you need to. :cjheart::eaveshug:


OMG welcome back @Goldthorn! I’ve missed ya buddy! I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time but just know that us Mounties will always be here to support you! We’re all glad that you’re back as we’re definitely gonna need a pair of fresh eyes! :joy:


Welcome back Goldthorn, you’re always welcome here, no need to apologize.


Welcome back @Goldthorn! Dude, no need to apologize. We all have rough patches sometimes. There’s no shame in taking a break. Glad to have you back!


Ones own physical and mental health should always be put first! Never apologise for that! We’re just glad you’re back and safe :grin:


Colin, i poof in and out of the forum and discord frequently due to work and other reasons.
It’s understandable my dude, so dont worry about it.

We’ll always be here to welcome you back home.
Welcome back to the world of Ackerly Green.