An Introduction



Hey, I’m Sin! I’m new here, a member of Balimora, and I’m definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything so far. As such, would anyone be willing to answer a few questions I have about some things? I can’t seem to find answers anywhere.


I’d refer you to your (our) guild leaders @Robert and @Steve, they’re very friendly and helpful. Also, any of the other guild leaders are always willing to help! (You can check who they are in the Leadership tag under ‘Groups’ in the top right pull-down menu)


Hey, welcome to the forums! I know getting adjusted can be quite difficult, but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

To get you started, you may find the wiki useful for looking up who people are, fragment summaries, and general information. There is also the weekly recaps, where you can get a week-by-week summary of what went down in what we’re now calling The Monarch Papers. If you’d like to find out what’s currently going on, you can check out the Secret Society category, but I recommend reading up on past events first so you get a good idea of who everyone is.

Hope you have a great time, and feel free to post any questions you have here or PM any of us moderators, or your guild leaders (who, as Helios mentioned, are @Robert and @Steve). :cjsmile:


Welcome sin! Names chiyoko. You’ll see me here A LOT, so feel free to ask questions if you need to. Other dudes you wanna talk to are brendon, r-

oop rev just commented listen to him hes way more senior here xD

also if steve ever dms you freak out and post it here cause we have a longstanding thing of trying to figure out who the heck he is and he often leaves puzzles for us