AG Town Hall - Saturday May 12th @ 8:30pmish on Discord



Hey Mounties!
I think it’s about time for another Town Hall/Hangout on Discord!
And it’s happening this Saturday!
I want to catch you up to date on AGP things and hear from you!

I realize you’ve had venues to ask in-world questions, but if you have any lingering in or OUT-of-world questions, feel free to ask them below and I’ll answer them Saturday night!
(And if you’re new to AGP and don’t have access to the Discord server yet, never fear, Devin will transcribe the highlights and put them up on Elsewhither next week!)


Yay! Always a fun time!



Cant wait to talk to all of you again, properly this time :3


REMINDER: The Town Hall is tonight on Discord! Looking at around 8:30ish for the text part and may do a brief voice chat channel after, if I’m not completely exhausted!


Is that 8:30HST @CJB?


It is!


So in the town hall meeting last night CJ told us that his new assistant, Catherine, is going to be manning an out-of-world account for Ackerly Green’s merch, news, publish dates, out of world behind the scenes, etc. She’s more skilled with Twitter and a Facebook account already exists but there are other options available.

So here’s a poll for the difference social media options we have:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

0 voters

If you have any other social media platform suggestions post them below