Ackerly Green Collection Winners


First off, I want to thank everybody who liked, commented and shared my social posts this past week in anticipation of #MagiqMonday and the opening of the Ackerly Green Book Shop tomorrow. Because so many of you participated and helped, I’m going to keep the list of usernames and do a merch giveaway every day this week!

So I put all the usernames through a random name picker and the two winners are @Smurfette and @VictorianFlorist! Congrats guys!

I’ll be in touch tomorrow, but you’ve both won the full Ackerly Green Collection with guild-jacket hardcover and your choice of a limited piece of merchandise!




Well done guys!!! :fireworks:


Oh my gosh! :grin: I actually started screaming and jumped out of my seat.

Edit: I also just ran around the house telling my family members. I am ecstatic.


At least it went to some quality people :disappointed:

No, but seriously congrats guys (and girls)!
@Smurfette @VictorianFlorist


Congrats you two!!


Congrats, you guys!


@VictorianFlorist I screamed too and ran downstairs to tell my parents that you won!


Congrats Vic and Smurfette! :grin:


I literally just cried tears of joy, I’ve never actually won anything before! :blue_heart::sob:


I’m so proud of you and @VictorianFlorist :sob:

Congratulations to you! There are no black clouds and bad luck in the Mounties!


Congratulations to our winners, @Smurfette and @VictorianFlorist!




That’s awesome guys!


Congrats guys!


Monday’s giveaway winner is @OracleSage! Will message you information… Congrats!!


Congrats @OracleSage!


Congrats Oracle! :hugs:


Congratulations Oracle!!! :heart_decoration::yellow_heart::heart_decoration:


Congrats Oracle!