Ackerly Green Branded Merchandise Poll


Hi Mounties!

I’m building a merchandise plan for the summer/fall and I’m curious if you all would be interesting in the below ideas for Ackerly Green Publishing branded merchandise.

You can choose some, all, or even none (and I won’t take it personally, promise) but please answer honestly, so that I can get a good sense of what you’re all interested in, outside of the guilds and TMP-related merch. Thanks so much!

  • Shirts and accessories with the AGP logo
  • Shirts and accessories with the name “Ackerly Green”
  • Shirts and accessories with the motto “Above all, wonder”
  • I’m not interested in AGP-branded shirts and accessories

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I want it all! :joy:


I’m keen on AGP accessories. But I’m trying to quell my t-shirt horde, so t-shirts are probably a no for me. Slouch beanies and pins, tho… :eyes:


I’d say a lapel pin for the AGP Logo, and maybe a minimalist Polo, with the “Above all, Wonder” quote on one sleeve, and possibly the Name on the other.
give us agp branded slouch beanies, with teh logo on the beanie and the motto on the tag.
maybe give us patches, like iron/sew on patches for a bunch of stuff, like basecamp, AGP, Herman, and the guilds? (really wants patches to sew into clothing he’s going to attempt to make.)

Heck, give us things like tie pins/bars, or cufflinks, or earrings. maybe just cloth bracelets. who knows?! we will probably buy the stuff.




Ummmmm… I second a polo. Specifically, a forest green polo with no front pocket and an embroidered gold AGP logo.

Edit: the Moto on the sleeve is definitely a cool idea.


Guild logo patches would be pretty sweet.


An AGP patch would be pretty, cool, also :eyes:


Oh yeah! Patches would be awesome!


Im definitley here for the polo shirts.