A Test of Intuition



Hello, one and all. Having discovered Ackerly Green last night, I’m fairly inexperienced with this, but I feel like I’m noticing some magiq in my life already. You may call me Mary, Lake, River, or Lar. I live in the state of Utah, so I do not yet know how much help I can be in terms of adventuring. I will write, though, when and what I can.

As soon as I saw the Magiq Guide’s introduction, I instantly knew I would fall deeply in love with the entire concept. “Center your spirit and left justify your body,” the instructions read. And so I took the aptitude test as seriously as I could manage. Having been asked to remove all clothing (and therefore items, I deduced) with magimystical properties, I removed my beloved necklace with two rings on it. I consider it a talisman of sorts. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s a totem of family to me: My cousin on my father’s side gifted me one of the rings while the other was inherited from my mother’s mother. I did not, however, take off my magnetized bracelet; in hindsight, I feel comfortable justifying the fact that it was created with science in mind instead of magiq. My Tiger’s Eye bracelet–a precious artifact symbolizing the bond betwixt sisters–I could not remove, as it’s double-knotted by my own sister when she returned from India bearing this treasure. With a calm heart, I cleansed the rings and went to the next question, replacing my necklace as I did so.

What happened next was fantastic. I came to a conjuration tactic of summoning an insect, any one of my choosing. An ant…? No, those were far too common. A moth, then. There weren’t any in the house as far as I knew, and I love them. The thought of willing a moth to show itself to me set my heart fluttering like wingbeats. And so I looked behind my left shoulder, spit on a bagel I had (as I didn’t want to dirty the floor or table) and focused on the fireplace mantel. After two minutes or so, nothing happened. There was no moth that magimystically appeared before my eyes, but I held out hope. I rotated my body, scanning the surrounding area, keeping my head still turned over my left shoulder. Then I saw it: Tiny, black in appearance, and seemingly suspended an inch above the ground. A spider. Non-deadly to humans, but certainly deadly to fruit flies and the like. My face split into a grin, for I’d been seeking one in our house for months! I absolutely adore smaller arachnids, often gathering ants to feed them. I was thrilled to see its tiny body crawl along its silk web for a few moments, then I returned to the test, wondering what guild I would be placed in.

Immediately, I got my answer: Thornmouth. My mind soaked up every word like a sponge absorbing water. Not only did this guild feel right, it felt good. It sounded almost exactly like me in that words are my haven, and the entire concept of bringing light into the world resonates clear and true to my nature. I smiled the rest of the night, even as I went to bed.

This morning, I awoke, still high from the beauteous language in the test and what I’d seen in the forums. Almost as if by chance, my mother had picked out my outfit for the day: A soft lavender short-sleeved shirt and a light, zip-up hoodie with a lavender-to-grey gradient. Ordinarily, lavender is just a lovely color, but I haven’t worn that outfit for around four or five months, and it’s taken on a new significance what with being in Thornmouth and all… That my mother would choose purple for a highlight less than twenty-four hours after being sorted into a guild which utilizes purple as a part of its colors seems to be more than sheer chance.

Of course, the whole thing could very well be me reading into this far too much. My senses are heightened at the prospect of not only a guild but an entire community being built on fabulous values and changing the world through magiq, one word at a time. I hope I can be of aid in any way to you all! :heart: :thornmouth:

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

I missed the Welcome Wagon on the introductions page, but so pleased to have you here, Lake! And thank you for sharing this; it brings back some strong memories of my first experiences with the Guide. It does seem to have a way of resonating with those who are…magimystically inclined, let’s say. :slight_smile: It’s always wonderful to hear about someone else wholly embracing the Guide and experiencing that mysterious rightness you feel when you find your Guild.

Also, let us know if you manage to summon any more small friends! Magiq in our world has been even more difficult to perform since last Fall, and it’s not been easy for most of us when we’ve tried it here. :sweat_smile:

Side note: did anyone else on the Forum have strange or unique experiences with the Guide when they took it? We haven’t talked a lot about what it was like for each of us to take it, and I can understand that being intensely personal, but I would love to hear more stories if anyone has them! ( I can post mine later; sadly my morning tea break is over.)


Many thanks for the warm welcome~ I’m elated to be here myself! Everything I have been exposed to thus far is fantastic and lovely. I wholeheartedly believe that having an active role here will help me grow as a human being; already, I feel more aware of what I do. It all makes me soar, in spirit as well as in mind.

I’ll certainly keep you appraised of any magiqal techniques I attempt. Infusing poems with intent, asking tales to reveal their hidden secrets, trying to envision others’ memories as they share them… Even if the casting seems to have had no effect, I still made the effort of utilizing the essence of magiq, and that, in my books, is what matters. ^^ Oddly enough, I gave myself astral ears and a tail last Fall, yet I haven’t felt them all that strongly since then.