A Seventh Guild?


I was on the CJB website, and noticed a link that said Join the Seventh Guild but when I clicked on it, it brought me to patreon but didn’t actually load the page. Does anyone know what that’s about? @CJB


@CJB correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that is just what CJ is calling his Patreon contributors. By contributing to his Patreon, you are in essence joining the “7th Guild”. I don’t believe it has any “in world” significance.


Oh ok, that makes sense


The Seventh Guild is unlocked by supporting CJ on Patreon. It’s a patron-only feed that has a lot of extra out-of-world stuff.


There does exist a ‘guild of the unnamed’. It was referenced in the 2nd Assessment (which I assume is in character) and I’ve seen other evidence there’s a 7th guild elsewhere as well.


Well there you go. I have learned something new


Ditto. Thank you, Robert!


Any links to this guild of the unnamed


If we have recently joined patreon when and how should we expect access to this??


@Alec I’ll try to dig up an in-game link to the guild of the unnamed. I know I saw one somewhere.

@Skylad If you joined patreon before 5/1 then you should have access to the patreon account and any suplimental stuff now. If you joined on 5/1 you may have to wait til 6/1, I believe for the first billing to get access to anything like the secret work or patreon hangout.


Um… wasn’t sure where to post anything to ask about this, but this seems like a good place (although I don’t like dragging up an old thread from the depths). I pledged on Patreon the end of last month and I saw the pledge go through on the 1st, now I’m wondering if I need to message someone about getting the forum stuff or if I’m supposed to wait for it to be assigned?


You usually ask on Patreon. Somebody here might be able to help, Idk.


Here ya go (two months later)…


I’m in the same boat on the waiting to be assigned and being a Patreon.


It all activates on the first day of the month so if you’ve just signed up it will kick in next month :slightly_frowning_face: When I signed up it was the 6th or something so had to wait nearly a whole month :joy:


I signed up on the 30th of last month


Ooooooh…maybe @Bash could have a look at it for ya (just promise her some tea and cookies)