A Letter from Warner Green to M. Grey Ackerly


Deirdre got emailed a scanned letter from Orvin Wallace the other day and posted it on Instagram… I completely missed it but figured she wanted us to see it.

So much to dig into with this letter! Feels like the beginning of AGP.


Notice how there are TWO distinct ways the "g"s are written: g’s who’s tails hook the letter below it, and g’s who’s tails loop back, like in “sight” and wg’s own signature. Because the looped “g” is in Deirdre’s Grandfather’s signature, we can conclude that that “g” is how he typically stylizes it out of habit, and all fish-hook “g” were deliberately written to stand out.

The letters caught on the “fish-hooks” are A H WE FA CE OU D…
No idea what that means though :sweat_smile:…but the fact remains that they were deliberately written to point those letters out.


That’s actually a very interesting point. There are definitely two very distinct styles of g. And it does look very suspicious it skewers other letters.




After looking through all of the oddly gibberish combinations, I can’t help but get the feeling that I was grasping at straws…