A Discussion of Modern Morality, and The Purpose of Magiq in Today's World


I am a very scholarly person, as well as a social-political conscious person. As such I often ponder the purpose of magic ( or magiq as it is often written within this community). In today’s society… across the world we see that we as a species have made such little progress socially… I mean problems that have existed since the middle ages if not earlier still exist… With all this technology and social change in people you think we would see some improvement, and yet still the basic rights of folks are trampled by those that have the money, or by those who hold the religious chains, or a number of other things… Therefore I wonder… Is it our duty and obligation as ones who deal with higher energies and powers than the average individual to intervene on behalf of human society? Or is this not our responsibility, and is our power meant to be used for whatever we choose to use them for? it is a question I feel that has many in’s and outs, and I have debated it with myself at great length, but I wish to know what you all think.


I would think that we should use magiq to help people in need and not for our own personal gain.


Everyone in a position of power believes themselves to be the best example of how to serve the people. If we use our magiq to fit within a political sphere would that not merely make us one of those powers that be? What we’re talking about is essentially an overtake. Usually it happens in the case of the have vs. the have nots. The people that have the money make the rules over the people that don’t. The people with large amounts of weapons have their own persuasion over whatever land they’ve taken over through hostility. We have this ability, but I don’t think in any form that it should make us more or less worthy to enforce our ideals for fear we would create a new era of those with and those without.


I can agree with that assessment, however are we not obligated, as already being the ones that, as you put it, “have” the power, to aid those who “have not” we have magiq, does that not automatically make us responsible for using that power to aid the world? Understand this is purely philosophical and I am not sure as to my position on this myself, I just like understanding all the angles, so I am not arguing, just debating. And as I say, I agree with you, any situation in which one person has something and chooses it to create dominance over another is not a good system, but I still think by our very possession of this thing others do not have, we are obliged to use it in the service of those who do not have it, expressly because they do not.

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It was not the implication necessarily that we use our powers for personal gain, more that are we only responsible so far as we feel we are, and if that means personal gain for you than so be it, but I was asking whether or not our power gives us the obligation, or if we have the freedom to choose to fulfill the duty of helping others or not.

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I understand, I just personally feel like we, as a relatively small group of people scattered throughout the world, don’t have the nuance to actively help every person in the way they want or need to be helped. It’s also important to note that if we use magiq as a gateway to political force, it leads the path for others to do the same, and by then it wouldn’t matter what morals we originally had since those other people not affiliated with us as Mountaineers don’t have that same code of conduct. Due to the unusual nature of our abilities, we’d be lumped in with them regardless.

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A valid point to be sure… wouldn’t it be interesting though… I mean you hear about those great spells that alter reality… if we could somehow harness that power for the improvement of our planet… Well I am a balimora through and through :joy: Ignore my chaotic ramblings, I just like to think about the big grand things… thank you for your debate though it was an enjoyable conversation. I am not certain I have a rebuttal to your point.

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Even if it ends with a few cuts and bruises on our end, I think what we’d gain alone would make the journey worth taking. Modern magiq to me is the chance for people at all rungs of society to reclaim some power and control over their lives, and use that control to bring on some positive change. In a world like ours, a spark of hope like that would be monumental.

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Oh I fully agree. It is a matter of keeping the balance, and a matter of restoring some of that which has been lost.

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I think we have the same responsibility as anyone else–to do our best, and try to make the world a better place. Just because we can do more, or do things differently, because of magiq doesn’t really change anything
We might not always succeed. And, in the end, we probably shouldn’t make decisions for people without consulting them. But we can do what we can and work with others, magiq or not, to come to some kind of agreement on what a better world looks like.
And I’ll be honest, I personally think that the cost of any privilege is using it to help those without. But I’m also in a position where I’m able to do so safely, and not everyone is.


I like that quite a lot actually. And I agree.