A Commemoration of Itsuki


Wonderful. That means I have time to jump in the shower and get dressed and ready.


I won’t have time to clean up - I’ll be rushing from the airport - but I’ll be there.


It’s all good.


I’ll be watching. I couldn’t reach @Eaves or @Bash but I’m sure they’ll be there in spirit.
Thanks guys.


The Hangout is Live now so you can start tricking in for 6:50pm



@Endri @Bash we are having technical difficulties.


Small technical difficulties!




Its over and I can say: I am seriously wiping tears out of my eyes.


So sorry guys, this is what happens when I’m left alone with the technology.

It was beautiful.


Ahh, thanks!


Thanks for saying so.


I had church at that time, though fear not. I held Itsuki in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for posting this. I’m sorry I had to miss the ceremony; I had unexpected family matters to attend to. I hope everyone is doing well, or as well as can be expected. As always, I’m here if any of you need to chat. I should have my piano thing up later this week. Beautifully done, all of you. Itsuki would be proud. :slight_smile: @OracleSage, amazing work on the spell. @Endri, awesome job with the video and thank you for the tech support. :slight_smile:



Sorry that I have been Inactive and have missed the memorial, my father had fallen ill and needed assistance with making food, getting his pills on time, and other things, My father has healed up and is doing well, expect me to be more active soon


It’s totally fine! I’m glad he is feeling better.


For anyone who missed it, here’s the final (beautiful) video:


I hope he’s doing better, Furia. You never have to apologize for putting family first :heart::heart:


im sorry to have missed this.
I was away and lost for a time.

May his family and his soul rest. may he find peace, and watch over us as we go forward.

I have returned to the sea. and now i must return to the fire. may we all continue as we have, and continue in his memory.