A Commemoration of Itsuki


I should be able to join on sunday. Unless another Thornmouth would like to perform the Ceremony, then I’ll be in the reserves.


I’ll be there Sunday!


So we have
Thornmouth: @cheyyyme
Balimora: @Mr5yy
Gossmere: @OracleSage
Ebenguard: @Deyavi
Flinterforge: @Revenir
Weatherwatch: @Furia


If it’s Sunday evening, I’ll still be traveling. Another Ebenguard will have to rep. I’m sorry.


I can do Balimora, or I will be there to observe and pay my respects.


If I can’t make it because of an emergency or a random occurrence, you can do it @cheyyyme!


I’m available at that time if you need a Flinterforge


@Furia or @WarriorRose either of you free for Weatherwatch?


There’s a piano piece I’ve been writing that I think would fit the mood… As I approached a time of transition in my own life, the music just came to me. After all, for me, death is merely a transition. If it’s not too late to add to the spell. I’ll be away on Sunday, but I can record it and share it with one of you if you’d like.


I am


Please do! Ituski would have loved that!


Hey everyone! Quick reminder that the funeral is tonight at 6:50 EST. We are still looking for an Ebenguard @Ginger @hannah or anyone else available tonight please let me know so I can add you to the list.


We have our full circle! Remember to bring candles!


Also Vic may not be able to make it to rep the Thornmouths… Could we have a stand in just in case?


@Mr5yy @cheyyyme @Furia - are y’all still okay with 6:50pm EST? Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot make it.

Do we have another Thornmouth who would be available at 6:50pm EST tonight? @Sellalellen @ArcChild @BlackBronze? Or anyone from any guild, really.


I can do 6:50!


@Bash just sent me the link:

I’ll update this post when it’s live so you all can join the Google Hangout:


Thanks Endri and Bash!


Are we hosting the hangout or does Bash have that covered?


I think Bash already has the hangout setup.