A Commemoration of Itsuki


As of now, atleast.


I’m available any time after 3pm EDT M-F, but this weekend is going to be difficult for me. I’m scheduled for a run to meet a contact in Kuwait, and Friday til Sunday are going to be insane.


I’m pretty free in the evening, as long as I get enough of a warning. Give me a date and a couple days’ warning and I’m good to go for sure.


I’m most available after 9 pm EDT. I can do 5:30 pm, but just not on Tuesdays.


I’m busy pretty much all the time now, and that’s part of why I’ve been so absent. I’m working 50-60 hour weeks and taking college classes immediately after work. I’ll be there in spirit, and I’ll write something up if that would be passable :cry:I wish I could do more


I’m sure Ituski understands. Life can be stressful, Im glad youll be there in spirit though!


I can do most nights but I’m in the UK so I struggle after 5.30pm EST.


Well this evening would have worked nicely.

Tomorrow during the day I can, but I can’t guarantee anything after that because I’m travelling for the next two weeks.

I did wear the appropriate colour today though.


Anytime is fine for me


U.K. Based, so before 5.30 est.
And not tonight please. See cabinet post.


Would next Monday 6:50 EST work for everyone?


It’s hard for me now because im working rev


I’ll be home preety late, like 7pm est


I’ll do it. Almost any time except from 1am to 9:30am works for me.


6:30pm? If so then it works for me!


I can do Friday-Sunday whenever and at any time after 7pm eastern on Thursday. But I’m only available from like 7pm-12am eastern Monday-Wednesday.

My schedule sucks right now. I wore my navy and white shirt today though.


I’m on a trip ATM so flying at all odd times but will try to be there whenever you guys do it


I should be free Saturday and Sunday, though I’ll have to get back to you on what hours I have available those days and next week. I hate to say it, but I have to wait for my work schedule to be posted. :pensive:


Sunday night 6:30 EST look good for everyone. If so PLEASE let me know so I can start making a list.


Idk right now, but I may be at a party at that time. I won’t be sure until later though.