A Commemoration of Itsuki


I would say late, like 9pm EDT if possible.




I probably wont sing after all. I have no mic so my phone makes me sound like a 6 year old :grimacing: not a good sound.


@Bash, can you set up a Zoom or Hangout link for Thursday at somewhere around 9:00-9:30pm EDT?

That will work for everyone, right?


Actually, I missed a work obligation on my calendar for that night, so please don’t hold it at that time on my account.i’ll still wear white during the day though.


Here is the spell we will preform Thursday:

“The Flinter work to make ore glow, bringing forth your oars to row”
“The Eben watch and bend the tides, bringing you where souls reside”
“The Watchers wait and send the light, to where youll sail your final night”
“The Mere hold tight to what aether binds, commend your ship across space and time”
“The Thorns send your thoughts among the stars, so you may live without your scars”
“The wilds open to the eternal feast, hoping you stay here in infinite peace”

Each guild will say their vow in unison, and upon the end of their verse light a candle.


no worries. setting up yt livestream and will send hangout link when it’s live at 9.

we appreciate you doing this, btw.


here’s the link, will update when hangout is live.



Had a moment of panic when I thought it was today at 9. Had to reread 3 times to make sure.


Hey Bash, I’m sorry for this but we have changed the time… 2pm EST, because it fits more timezones internationally… I hope thats okay?


it’s cool. changing now.


Thank you so much for all the help Bash…
I hope youll join us in mourning tomorrow and wear grey with the rest of your guild.


Funeral Colors
Ebenguard-Navy Blue
Balimora-Dark Green
Weatherwatch-Gold or Purple (Depending on if you are home or away respectivley)

I will post a full copy of the spell on the hangouts when it goes live so everyone can see the order in which we go. The whole guild will say their verse in unison, and at the end of the verse light a candle. Once all guilds have gone and Balimora has lit their candle, we will all blow out our candles in unison.
Sound good? Can I get a head count of everyone who is attending?


It’s our pleasure. If you or @Eaves or @Endri have something you’d like to say, or need said on your behalf, just let us know.

Anything you need during this time, just ask.


I won’t be able to watch or participate at 2 pm, but I’ll be with you guys in spirit (and sartorially).


For Itsuki


Always a good song.


@Bash Hi, me again.

Im SO sorry about this but we are postponing. Not enough mounties are available to preform today… Im sorry for all the trouble. I want this to be perfect and so I would rather have to wait a few days then try to support this spell with just the few of us. I hope you understand.
Love & Luck


Bali - @cheyyyme @Brendon @Kelsey @Mr5yy @Leigha @Kingsington @Brit @Robert @Firefish
Flinter - @MissEvans @Alec
Weather - @Skylad @Furia
Thorn - @Ricardo @Sellalellen @omega12 @arcchild @BlackBronze @victorianflorist
Eben - @Deyavi @Ginger @Nomad @thingfromthedeep @Timidity @hannah @Inky
Goss - @Augustus_Octavian @OracleSage

Would any of you guys be willing to participate in Itsuki’s commemoration event? And if so, what day and time EST would work for you? As per previous live events, I think it’d be ok if some people stand in for other guilds, but you should wear that guild’s mourning colors instead.


I am free Sunday evening and any day except Friday next week.