A Commemoration of Itsuki


For those of you who have not seen, we’ve just learned that Itsuki unfortunately passed away about a month ago. This is a shock to us all and I know we’re all still having a hard time processing this devastating news.

Itsuki was an amazing source of inspiration. He worked so hard to encourage our creative outlets and inspire Mounties to make their own magic. The Campfire was his baby, and we wouldn’t have so many amazing projects like Operation Nepenthe if this category wasn’t created. He truly wanted us to become our best magiqal selves.

In that spirit… it made me wonder, what if we made magiq in his honor? It’s what he always wanted us to do. Maybe we could all draw, write, make music, cook, or anything else, in the name of Itsuki. I don’t know, maybe that’s silly. But I feel we should commemorate him somehow, and I wanted there to be a place on the forums where we could remember him and talk about the amazing person he was.

Does anyone have thoughts or ideas on what we could do?


Maybe we could do a livestream, and people show what they made or did in his memory?


I think that’s a great idea…


I agree, he would want us to continue to be creative, especially now. We should continue the Campfire Compendium/ The Found Collection in his memory; we can give each other prompts every 2-3 weeks as he had originally proposed before his passing. Make it more than a one-off thing, you know?

I’m still really struggling with this news. I’ll probably want to take some time before I start writing anything.


My thoughts exactly.


We need a memorial service. Something worthy of our lost friend, mentor, and leader. A man who encouraged the most, from even the least of us.

I say we write and perform a spell to send his soul off safely into the afterlife, and perform it next week live. Every Mountie that can.

All Mounties wear their Guild’s mourning colors on that day whether you can participate or not:
Ebenguardians wear navy blue.
Thornmouths wear dark red (oxblood).
Gossmerim wear white.
Balimorans wear dark green.
Flinterforge wear dark grey.
Weatherwatchers wear gold or purple (dependent on whether you’re “home” or “away” respectively).

We should create something in his honor.

The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)

What day did you have in mind?


Next Thursday acceptable?


Depends on times, my schedule is weird, but I’m happy to go ahead and wear white any day.


It is flexible and dependent on when the majority of people who want to participate are available. Worst case scenario, we can’t do live, but we can spend the week writing or crafting something to share in his honor.


I have a spell idea, as I have shared with a few Mounties already:
Create a magiqal ship for him. Ships have always been used as a symbol of crossing over, the greeks, the vikings, and many others would prepare their dead for a ferry ride into the other world one way or another.
I think, using the six, we should craft him a ship. I have a few verses in mind for the spell but not a whole thing, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this let me know.

I will be wearing white and hope the other Gossmere will too, even though I am a polyguild I am saying with the tradition of lack of color at a Gossmere funeral.


The ship is a great idea! I was also thinking of a day where people make actual campfires to honor him.

Are there any Balimoran traditions we should observe, given that is his guild?


We could make bonfires part of the spell?


I’m liking a lot of these ideas!

As far as Balimoran specific traditions, they’re a very nature-y folk, right? Maybe something like planting a flower or tree in his honor? Or something fox themed, because Itsuki felt very connected to them.


@Endri Did Ituski have a flower or tree that inspired him? We could each burn a branch of one so that it goes with him to the other side?


This is a formal invitation for @Endri @Eaves @Bash and even @Ascender , the funeral is next Thursday. You are welcome to say a few words and help us with the spell…


Would it be wierd to request to be allowed to sing at the funeral? I want to contribute something but my voice is really the one thing I’m confident about. I cant compose, though, so ide have to use an existing song. Last Dance by Bigbang has a goodbye feel to it, and I have an English translation lying around here somewhere. Maybe I’ll use that. The lyrics discuss feeling lost and helpless, (kinda relevant to the mounties rn) But there’s also a lot about parting and loneliness, and the chorus is a promise to return/remember depending on the translation. I think it suits the situation very well. Is that something that’s feasible? Idk I just want to do something and this is all I can think of.


That is a wonderful contribution, @Sellalellen! Thank you for offering such a kind and thoughtful tribute.


My internship has assigned colors for the scrubs we wear on certain days. I’ll try to wear something navy, even if it’s just the color of my Fitbit band.
If we do decide to go with Thursday, I have a navy shirt with white dots that I can wear. But if it’s a different day, I might have to get creative.

I’ll be damned if having to wear scrubs in colors that don’t look good on me stops me from participating.


Can I have a rough time frame? I might have work that day and I want to know if I have to miss it