A Child of the Forge (The Beginning)


I had always been a tinkerer, curiosity was my vice even as a child. I loved creating and was always obsessed with new ways to create greater things. Other children wondered about who like who, or what was the latest gossip, I wondered about the gears within a mechanical watch, or how metals were smelted out of rocks and heat. I started small creating things that were safe but not as useful as I desired, creating dolls out of long grass, and huts out of sticks. Simple but useless things it was maddening. As I grew older I created more complex things, learning to weld and to use simple force to hammer metal into shapes that I wanted, creating spear heads and knives. The more I learned the more I hungered for more, eventually stumbling across a small thread of knowledge, magiq was real. I was shocked, as I pieced it into a tapestry of evidence, of course while I believed it was real I had no way to find it, nor a way to harness it. I decided to work on the first problem, finding it, immediately. I looked to the sky, studying the stars, the sun and moon, learning how to read the time by the two greatest celestial bodies, and learned to navigate by the lesser ones. Hoping that they could lead me to a source of magiq, as I studied myths and the heavens, I learned more about how to find a source of magiq, that well of secrets that could show me the blessed hidden knowledge that I craved. As I studied the ancient lore, I came across a ritual, one that could summon a being of old magiq, a creature that could possibly teach me magiq itself. As I prepared I packed a bag of my own creation full with my knives, maps, and all my research. Then I waited, for days I waited for the constellations to form the predestined shape that my research alluded to. When the hour finally came, I rushed to my ritual space, a hill far away from civilization, the sky above bright with star light, I put my hands together and said the ancient words, “With one eye I gazed down the well, And one gazed back from waters dark, Chill stare from hidden depths, Stirred by the wind, and the drops of blood. Mortal sight faded, veiling the world, Second sight rising nine realms revealed, Deeply I drank, What mattered the pain.” As I said the chant, the wind picked up and the stars rearranged themselves into that of a massive tree, Yggdrasil the world tree. As I admired the stars, a woman appeared in front of me a cloak of raven feathers draped over her shoulders, her left eye gouged out, a bloody stain left in it’s place. I stumbled backwards, “Who are you?” I asked alarmed. She rolled her eyes and sighed, “I thought you’d be smarter, but I have many names the one you called me by is Odin, the All-Father, All-Knowing lord. So on and so forth.” she said with a wave of her hand. I raised an eyebrow, “Isn’t Odin, you know…” Odin laughed, “a man?” she finished. “You mortals and your need to prescribe a gender to everything is ridiculous, so to the point what do you want?” she asked. I gulped, “Magiq, I want to learn magiq.” I stated. Odin’s face broke out into a smile, “Just like that, you think magiq comes that easily do you? Well I can’t just give you magiq, but I will make you a deal.” I nodded, “Whatever it is I accept.” Odin’s smile turned into a mischievous grin as her hair fell a little across her face, “Wonderful, in exchange for my teaching you the basics of magiq, you will give me, hmmm, how about the sight of your right eye, don’t worry I won’t take the whole eye, just the sight.” I sighed, this was it everything I had been waiting for, was I really going to let a price as small as this stop me? “Ok,” I said with a nod. “Perfect” she said and lunged at me, pinning me down and sliding her fingers beneath my eye, I cried out in pain as she severed the small thread of muscle that attached my eye to my brain. Her hand came away bloody and glowing bright blue. Then I passed out.

A few days later when I came back to consciousness, I saw her there, Odin, sitting in the same place she had been when I first summoned her. She looked up, “Oh your awake, finally.” she said with a hint of annoyance. “As I said before you decided to go to sleep, I will teach you magic, but first would you like some water?” I nodded as she handed me a drinking horn filled with the cleanest water I had ever tasted. As I drank, blue sigils appeared where I used to be able to see, even when I closed my eyes I could still see these symbols with my right eye, beautiful runes surrounding them in perfect circles, “what are these?” I asked her, She smiled a kinder smile, one filled with the appreciation of being a teacher. “They are assembling runes, magiq symbols used to craft more complex spell work. The water I gave you is from the well of the world tree, a place permeated with Magiq, it has all the knowledge about the magiqal runic alphabet, everything you need, you now know, so if you excuse me I think this is the last time we shall see each other, good bye.” she said as she snapped her fingers and dissipated into mist. My mouth fell open in shock, well I believe this is where I begin I thought to myself with a chuckle.


This is cool. I think you should continue this story

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