3. The Search for Magiq: Cataclysm

I didn’t cast, and nothing really went boom over here on my end, although my fully fuelled and flinted Zippo failed to even light after I went out today.

Very strange indeed. Glad the forum is up though, and most folks seem to be alright.

EDIT: To be fair, I have yet to look at any of my artifacts for any signs of tampering. No fire though, so that’s good.

EDIT 2: My keyboard is betraying me.

EDIT 3: Artifacts seem to be in order, just my Zippo acting up. Curious, as that was not the artifact I was going to use for the casting.

Since returning home, my Zippo has been working fine though. Currently enjoying a Backwood rum cigar whilst commencing my reading of TMP.


Whoa. Yeah, that was…uh… interesting. I’m ok, but I feel rather like I’m crashing hard from too much caffeine, and our office internet died the same time the spell went off (I had the forum up on my work desktop at the time).

My token seems to be physically fine, but I left it in my charm bag and when I checked on it at lunch (about an hour-ish after the spell went off) it was not only out of the bag, but it was too hot to pick up.

I’m glad everyone seems to be largely unscathed, if a bit shaken.


When I got home, our apartment felt, off, brighter almost, somehow. When I opened the door to my room to check my token, it felt like I had stepped into the shade of a tall tree on a beautiful spring day. Above the box I could see heat distortion, but when I went to pick it up, the stone is still perfectly cool to the touch. Just holding it, it feels changed, brighter, like a drink of pure water. Whatever shadow had hold of it appears gone. So uh, thanks @Saberlane?


Hey guys,

I’m ok, my token is fine. I will say though, after Sabes cast (I hope you’re OK) everything internet went down. Not just the forum, but everything on our WiFi.

I put my ring back on and it’s a little weird. I can’t describe how, just different and weird. Lighter maybe?

Edit: My ring has been on for about five minutes and I’m a bit light headed. I think I’m OK though.


My amethyst cluster is safe and intact. More of the color is drained, but it’s still in one piece. There’s a thunderstorm/quasi-sunshower happening here…


My token rock has a nasty crack down the middle and the drawer lining around it is warped and melted a little so it must have gotten really hot for a while. Fortunately it’s cooled down now.


I left the house early this morning just in case. I just got back and everything seems to be more or less intact. I’m holding the token right now and it’s warm, like a little life in my hands… I feel good, if a bit high-strung from nerves still. I just hope that it worked as intended.

So… who wants to see if this little experiment worked?


I’m okay! A little exhausted, and running a but hotter than normal. Which is odd.

My lighter however. Is a bit…off. I know it doesnt have any fuel in it, and its freezing to the touch. But I spun the wheel, and it sparked, and then lit up with a blue flame. Shortly afterward it went out and wouldn’t light again. It’s still frosty to the touch. I dont think itll provide warmth ever again.


Okay it’s getting pretty late here in Herman Standard Time, so I’m gonna go ahead and tag our last four casters to check in for spell roll call:

how y’all doing?


Revenir hasnt been around for a couple days now, far as i can tell.


Right…but we do want to try to get in touch with everyone who put up an object for the spell.


I fine. I feel abit uneasy but beyond that I’m doing just fine. Probably some kind of magic sickness got the same feeling after we cast that calling the corners spelling. My medal hasn’t changed guess I got lucky.


Sorry for being AWOL, new apartment doesn’t have wifi and I don’t have a SIM yet so uh…it’s rough. Can’t vouch for magickal interference or just plain chance.
My token is fine, which is a huge relief. I’ve been feeling fine as well, except for normal jet-lag things. Seems like I dodged a bullet.
I’ll keep an eye on things here, but there’s a lot going on in my end of the world right now. Not sure I could tell anything out of the ordinary apart from the normal stuff.


Has anyone that didn’t cast a part of the spell had anything weird happen?

Edit: sorry @TheMadHare, I had skimmed the last few posts without really reading them!
I’ve had a series of unfortunate coincidences since the spell.
I like you had an object in mind as soon as I saw the thread but wanted to be an observer to see how this magiq worked. Especially as I’ve had previous good and bad experiences with spells.


Nothing here to report, unless you count seriously wishing it was Friday already. Usually it’s only those directly involved with the spell that see any effects, though with something like this who knows?


It looks like TheMadHare did…


Yeah, it wasn’t even windy, my Zippo just would not light at all. And Zippo makes all their lighters windproof anyways. Regardless, I just changed the flint yesterday and I top up on fuel before I leave each morning so it lasts me the day, but I had to wait until I got back home to try and figure out what went wrong.

Spoiler: nothing was wrong with it. It lit on the first strike when I went on my balcony for a cigar, and is still working just fine. My Zippo has never acted up like this, and I’ve had it since Pulp Fiction came out.

As I stated before, the Zippo wasn’t even an artifact I would have considered using. I was intending on using a sphere of obsidian if I had casted, but I didn’t. I do carry that lighter with me everywhere though.


The mortar cracked, right along the side. I used in this morning to crush some herbs anyway, I’m gonna still use it until I can have it replaced, and I noticed it doesn’t quite grind like it used to.


Maybe it was sympathetic magiq coming off of mine? Who knows.


Fair point, as there seems to have been some backlash on your end. I do hope that this entire thing hasn’t messed with the veil.

Has anyone made contact with a courier, or tried?