3. The Search for Magiq: Cataclysm

Hey folks. I’m here, and my walking stick is… intact? It doesn’t look damaged at all. It was the first thing I checked when I got home from work. When I hold it, though, I can hear faint, distant whispers. I can’t make out what they’re saying. It only happens when I hold it, though, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a psychotic break. Well, yeah. Pretty sure, even after today.


I’m worried for everyone of course, but especially @Saberlane. The magimistical kickback from a spell like this could be devastating.


I’m worried, too Sel.


Also all our first-time casters…this seems like it would have been a rough spell for our new mounties (all the more reason they should check in here an ease my old-timer worrying!)


So, truth time. I went with the old photo of my item because, though I know I have it somewhere, I wasn’t able to physically get it into my hands.

Not sure how much is because of the casting and how much just happened to occur at the same time, but not too long after totality this massive storm just kind of exploded. Buckets of rain, lots of rolling thunder, more than a few lightning strikes closer than I’d like…

It just so happened to calm down considerably once the eclipse was officially over.

It smells a bit like warm plastic when I get close to my closet. I think my seaglass may have been in a plastic bucket from college…

So long as no burning smells start emanating from there, I think I’ll leave exactly what happened to it a case of Schrodinger’s Cat.


The office is gone.
Was gone. In a a flash. Like how tsunamis sweep houses away in those awful videos. I cast the spell and posted the incantation.

And the walls explode in. Exploded in all at once, and then I thought I was unconscious or dead. It was all black everywhere. But I could hear voices. And then I see a light. A little green light. And I can walk so I walk to it. And then I’m in the office, and it’s normal, except I’m looking over my own shoulder. I’m standing in the corner and I’m sitting at my desk, trying to get the forum back up. It was my voice. I blink and then I’m at the desk. On live chat with our hosting support. Our forum is gone. Was gone. They found it on a partner company’s shared server in Venezuela.

I don’t feel great. I’m on my way home. Whatever we cast did something, I hope someone on the outside saw it. Is everyone else okay?




I feel like crap, chief!


I glad you’re (now) in one piece, @Saberlane.




Would it be rude to @ all the spell participants? I just want to know how they’re holding up.


I was thinking that…maybe we give it a little more time?

Edit: it’s only been 30ish minutes that we’ve been back online…some people might not have gotten to their objects yet…


Ye if any of the casters were from the UK they’ll be in bed by now


Hell, for all we know sabes might not have been the worst off.


Just got a chance to check in here, I’ll know about my token in about 45 mins when I get home. I feel alright, though I’m currently sans appetite.


That makes officially 1/3 of our casters accounted for, plus @Saberlane!


Sorry, was out seeing a potential apartment and just now got a minute to check in. I’m fine. I had a moment of dizzy around the time of the eclipse that I thought was due to the heat, but maybe it wasn’t, after all? Anyway, the necklace I added seems to be fine.


I’m alright save a nasty headache. I’m still at work so I don’t know what became of my token yet but I’ll report as soon as I can


Honestly at this point, I think we’re most worried about people. Do report back on what happened to your item, for the sake of knowing all the spell effects, but for now I’m glad you’re alright!


I’m UK, just about to crawl into bed.

Spanner is… Well used?
The ring on one end of it has snapped and it’s got a slight bend in it. Nothing I haven’t seen or done to a spanner before.

I have a splitting headache, could be caused by the noise of the spanner breaking, spell sickness or just a normal headache for me woop.

Glad everyone seems to be ok.
Worst part was forum going dark, oh the irony, and not knowing what was happening. I really do feel for Marty when the '74 Mounties vanished!
Thanks for getting it back up @Saberlane, your experience sounds both awesome and a touch scary.

Has anyone tried calling a courier?
Have we damaged/weakened the veil?