2. The Search For Magiq: The Neithercouriers

I guess my question would be: is the leaden veil over the low, or over us? I would say the latter, since the searchformagiq instagram message referenced it that way after we cast the 30 days spell.


Completely useless random tinfoil time.

Sorry I keep trying not to think about this but it keeps coming back.

Neither Couriers.

The unofficial motto of the American Post Office (Mail COURIERS) is “NEITHER snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of
their appointed rounds”

And SpiritSeer mentioning a poem reminded me there’s a poem called “The Letter” by Dr. Charles W. Eliot inscribed on the building that hosted the former main Post Office in Washington, DC.

Messenger of Sympathy and Love
Servant of Parted Friends
Consoler of the Lonely
Bond of the Scattered Family
Enlarger of the Common Life

Carrier of News and Knowledge
Instrument of Trade and Industry
Promoter of Mutual Acquaintance
Of Peace and of Goodwill Among Men and Nations.

Which, I dunno is a pretty Magiq-sounding cool inspirational poem. But probably has nothing to do with any of this.



Sounds about right, we live in snippets and partial information. More than previously, I’ll admit, but we’re still viewing the expanding world through a pinhole.


Lovely. All hail the hat!


I’d have to agree.

It also references being “born from the ashes of wool and silver,” so perhaps there have been new paths that have split off from silver, as MM seems to have done. This is purely speculation on my part though.


This is what they were able to pull from the backed-up database, though they’re not sure of the original source of the “poem.”

Neithercourier Delivery Services

In these moderning ages when science assuages the craft of handwriting or drafting of sages, it seems rather tragic to send letters with magic, or caretaken parcels with magical marvels.

Don’t send cheques with a hex, or odes with a vex, rather craft an encanterance to make a bell chime, and ponder the wonder of what happens next.

A prompt and prim courier will deliver your messages, with delays of delivery that border on vestiges, from the tippest of peaks to the deepest rowhedgeses.

Whatever you need to besconder fast-paced, rely on our service to deliver post haste.

I mean no offense to the Athenaeum librarians, but this seems like an ad, not a poem.

I also heard back that some people originally could see the forum but some time last year they started reporting that it wasn’t coming up for them anymore. My friendly is still asking around though and I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.


I love the poetic ad!

Thanks for the research @SpiritSeer!

Now, we have to craft a spell to make a bell chime…
These are magically summoned couriers. With a broad remit, who work quickly. Nice. I wonder what they charge.
Who fancies writing a spell for postal request bell chiming?

(That second stanza is bugging me, for it to scan, the line should end “next time”.)


Also in the next stanza, it says “rowhedgeses”…maybe theres something in the incongruencies?


Oh. I thought “next” was rhyming with “vex” and “hex.”. Maybe just how I was reading it.


isnt a word according to google.


Well, they always say to take the google (and a good part of the internet as a whole) with a grain of salt…


hmhmh. i suppose ill go have a perusal through some dictionaries. Or something.


It might be more a matter of using context clues. Rowhedgeses, I’m pretty confident, won’t be in any ordinary dictionary either. Besconder is on that list as well.


No, I think @MissEvans is right. I think we need to summon a Neithercourier to get a message over to whomever was on the other end of that Instagram account; who ever’s attention we attracted by casting the 30 day spell in the first place.

Edit: we also have to figure out what to send them in said message.


An “encanterance” is obviously some kind of spell.

It’s almost a portmanteau of enchant, incantation, and maybe utterance?


I wonder if this something with language in general with the Book of the Wild. I’m thinking back to the portmanteau we used to see with the Book of Briars fragments.


This feels like The Jaberwocky meets The Book of The Wild.


Ok so mail is sort of my jam and I’d love to make a suggestion? I think it’d be cool if we all wrote out whatever message we decide on, put it in an envelope, and then set it out somewhere, like our front doors. I feel like there’s power in repetition, as we’ve seen through the sort of crowdsourced spells like the Lantern of Low’s Hollow. Not sure what to do about the bell ringing part but maybe something like:

  1. Write the message and seal it up
  2. Say some kind of magiq phrase/poem line
  3. Put it outside a door and leave it, closing the door behind you
  4. Ring a bell, or play a chime on your phone, etc
  5. Imagine the form of a magimystical postal person taking the message away?

I guess we need a destination too… To Avis? The herald?


The post said: “There are other ways to reach one another. Seek the Neithercouriers.” I think they wanted us to find that poem/reference/thing (thank you, by the way, @SpiritSeer) so that we can communicate with them again, whomever they may be.


Yeah, I think I’m just wondering who it is we’re conversing with? How do we find them? Or will the Neithercouriers know the destination when we wonder about it? :brandonthinking: