2. The Search For Magiq: The Neithercouriers

I mean…hopefully they’d just leave it for you. What’s the policy on signatures for magiqal deliveries???


they’re worse than the canadian postal service during a strike.

god i hope thats a joke.


I’m not sure. It might not be safe to do so. That might be a good way to ensure the intended deliverer gets it, like @Avalon mentioned? We don’t necessarily know who is watching the forums. Plus, with magiq as fraught as it is, I’m wondering if the message might fade or disintegrate quickly. Or maybe they want payment, like a customs fee? I could see any of those things being issues.

Either way, I think it cant hurt to initiate Salamander Watch 2019 and keep an eye out. I have some theatre stuff I need to pop down for in the afternoon, but I can otherwise chill at home.


Not necessarily: with magiq, you might be the destination, not just your home. The Gossmere of the Book of the Wild were nomadic tribes, right? The Neithercouriers must have had some way to track them down and deliver a message, even after they’d roamed away.


It’s like how the books from neithernor started to fall apart when they were brought back to this world, like the magiq guide. Maybe the same is true in reverse, if we send a message to another world it may not last very long. If that’s the case then hopefully the courier just gives it directly to the recipient.


Well, I can tell you guys why this message couldn’t be left at my door.

It was raining. I felt like I was being watched this morning, so I opened my window, and I saw a stag. I thought maybe it had a letter for me, so I hurried downstairs and…It didn’t have a message for me. It was the message.

The stag got struck by lightning and its antlers channeled the electricity somehow. Turning it into the message.

Then it was gone in a flash. Really shocked me too, but I’m okay. Mostly.

I did my best to get down what the message said:

The Storm might be gone but…the Silver are still causing trouble. I don’t know what to think about this.


Just spitballing here but, things to consider for the next letter:

  • We should mention there is another faction, Monarchs Mountain, that is still (sort of) kicking around. It’s not just us and them.
  • We should tell them about Deirdre, and that she defeated the Silver’s most powerful weapon.
  • We can tell them what little we know of the Silver and their history.
  • We should tell them about the Low kids, and how some of them are locked out of our site.
  • We should probably try to figure out how to answer their question. I’m not sure how well we’re hidden. We have our Joradian safeguard…but that’s about it? It does raise a good question though. The Silver knows about us. They tried to take us all out like they did our predecessors. So how come they haven’t tried to take us out?

I dunno how I feel about this. Makes me think of Deirdre’s trip to the Grove, the skeletons she saw. I really, really don’t want this to be the next War of Neithernor. I…have to think really hard about this one.


Okay, attempting to organize my thoughts here…

  • There’s (maybe) a new herald born before every era? How does that work? I assume this herald is for the Book of Briars, but what about before? Were there two different heralds for the Book of Kings and the Book of the Wild? What’s their job? How does the herald know they’re the herald? I have many questions.
  • They say the herald has seen the effects of the Day of Change - how much do they already know about the Silver, Monarch’s Mountain, Deeds, etc.? I would assume that at least some of our history is not news to them, they just believed that we may not have survived? I’d really like to know what they thought happened so we can acknowledge what we both have in common and compare what we don’t.
  • Definitely support telling them about the weird situation with the Low 2.0 and some not being able to see us. Maybe more info about this can help figure out getting around the veil.
  • Speaking of the veil, I assumed when they said “how well you have been hidden” that that’s what they were talking about, which is different from the Joradian. And they don’t seem to know for sure what’s responsible for it, either…I was sort of assuming it was the remains of the Silver cutting us off, but it could be there’s some other player in the game that we don’t know about?

Ha, about that last one - I’m a dummy. :sweat_smile: I think I was just focusing too hard on the Silver (and internally freaking out a little bit about them being back.)


No, not at all! Considering our experiences with the Storm, it doesn’t hurt at all to be concerned about safety. It’s a valid question, and depending on who or what is responsible for this veil situation we may have some things to think about in the near future.


In one of their messages on Instagram they did say “we envision the factions and forces of the dying age being swept away” so they may have had at least some idea of MM and/or the Silver?


This is concerning if it’s about MM. What does that mean for Endri, Ascender, and Knatz? :scream:


Very good point. I guess a good way of beginning to figure out how well we’re hidden is…

@Endri, @Ascender, @Benefactor

You there?


Should we tag @Bash and @Eaves just to be safe? Maybe they can help us figure this out too.


I think this should be the focus (as we’re doing) of our investigation and the content of our next message to our new apparent allies. They seem to know as much, if not more, than we do about the Silver; maybe even about the Monarchs and the other magimystic groups of The Book of Kings.

Whatever is behind the “leaden veil,” it seems like the primary motivation is to isolate us from potential allies, like “The Searchers” (the herald and her protectors, behind the SearchforMagiq account), the Low, etc.

We know that the Council of the 18 Gates used their power to protect us rather than our iteration of the Book of Briars, allowing the book to be destroyed by the Silver’s storm; we’ve always thought them to be allies, but could they be the ones interfering with our ability to be seen by other magimystics? Thinking about other independents out there that we may be hidden from, would it be worth trying to get a message to the current Cagliostro and see if this leaden veil prevents her from seeing us, as well, with the idea that if there’s no response than perhaps it is, in fact, preventing her from seeing/reaching us?


Should we tell ‘The Searchers’ (I like that Augustus) about the Aliquary? I mean, we went through a lot of trouble to find it. We have no idea what to do with it, but the BoW Mounties sure seemed to think it would help in moving beyond this mess.

Maybe the Aliquary is what’s protecting AGP? No idea.

Edit: or maybe the Aliquary is so strong that the ‘mundane’ is trying to cut us off from the world to isolate it.


The Aliquary as the cause is an interesting idea. @SpiritSeer - when did you first hear about our stuff not being able to be seen by the others in The Low? It looks like The Vault arrived in the AGP offices on 2/19/19.


I have a thousand questions about the stag and the newt and the…

For now, I’d kind of guesstimated when things started “happening” with regards to the Mounties and the Low, but wanted to wait until I got confirmation. Which I just did.

Looks like things started going wonky about a year ago, give or take a month? So around May of last year?


I’m using the wireless priority service to message while I’m in the mountains, which is… kind of a no-no, but I wanted to answer @Augustus_Octavian as soon as I could. If I hear more, I’ll let you know when I’m back home!


Important dates to keep in mind:

The Day of Change happened on October 2, 2017. The Book was burnt in Fragment 12 around May 31, 2017. I don’t know that it would be the Council - their protection was fading around October of that year. That was a big part of the pressure to get going on defeating the Storm. I don’t know that we have any remnants of them left…as sad a thought as that is…

Based on the timeline, it looks like “Wet Woolie” was going on then. We unlocked the aliquary a month or so ago, and Sabes got the shipment in February 2019.

This stands out to me… Is it possible that the Silver are behind this? They must sense a war is coming too, they know the Book of Kings is over, so I’m sure they’re scrambling to come up with something. I doubt they were resting on their laurels for the past year and a half.

We can test some other forum-goers while we’re at it. @FKALauren @Marty.60 can you guys see this at all?

Should I email Marty? @Saberlane would you have special contact info for him, by any chance?