18. The Secret Society: Down to City Hall Station

Ye let’s not risk you getting sucked into a journal :laughing:


oh. OH. OHH! I might have the answer to the photogram thingy! Photogram - Wikipedia

this was a super vague topic in high school, for me, but i did actually work with them a little. Perhaps some of the pages are light sensitive in that journal? Try looking at them under darkness or blacklight! Basically, a photogram was an image made from putting a bunch of assorted junk on light sensitive photo paper, usually built for a 35mm camera, and then rapidly exposing it to red or white light and immediately developing it. The longer you left it to develop, the more artifacts and exposure in the image. This is EXTREMELY interesting, i never expected my knowledge of this to ever come in handy.

Ah, right, the photograms in her journal went missing…? hm. Uh, that sounds rather interesting. Perhaps those images are still around? Trying having a search. They might be negatives of some rather unique antiquities.

and one final thing, so we mounties have the resource for the future… Making a Photogram by ILFORD Photo - YouTube Heres how you make em. simple, right?


Guys…I got something.

I don’t know what’s going on for sure. I need to run home and grab some stuff but then I’m coming right back to the office. I can’t explain it, I just–

Ok sorry, starting at the beginning.

Like an hour ago I was in a rush to pack up and get out of the office when in my hurry, I grabbed AG’s journal by the cover and when it fell open I saw something on one of the pages that definitely wasn’t there before. It’s writing, but it’s hard to read. It’s fuzzy and wavering, almost like it’s underwater. The words don’t show up when I take pics of the pages but before they got fuzzier and finally disappeared, I transcribed this:

“It seems others with magimystic sensitivities have experienced strange occurrences of late, though my nephew isn’t convinced it’s necessarily limited to those with knowledge of the Arcanum, only that they’re more keen to accept disappearing objects and strange sounds as magimystic. But there have been enough observed and recorded instances in a small amount of time that it’s impossible now to believe it’s not a coincidence.

Fina said I was calling out in my sleep last night, something about [there was no word there, or there was a blur, almost like it was “deeper”, more obscured, than the other words]. I confided that strange things have been happening, and I showed her the journal. She said writing has been so important to me these past few years, to help me work through things, and suggested I should keep writing my journals and book records, even if they disappear. The point, she explained in her never-ending wisdom, isn’t necessarily to preserve, but to express. Things don’t have to exist forever to have mattered–”

I called @Saberlane and we both agreed that the proximity to AGP might be triggering it. He already went home because he “has a family” and “needs to acknowledge their existence at some point” so it’s just me here right now. I don’t know if more entries are going to appear, but I’m going home for a hot sec because it’s getting late and I’m starving but then I’m coming right back with some snacks and comfier clothes to see what I can make of this.

Wish me luck, I think I might be here a while.


Well, this definitely reinforces what we thought about the Instagram posts - it seems that they’re her book records, which honestly makes a lot of sense given the content of those original posts.

So are these posts disappearing through a hole between our Book and the Book of The Wild, along with other objects? What else has come through, and what caused that link to exist, here and now, of all times? I think the biggest issue is what else could come through, given the chance. Also, who is Fina? What’s the Arcanum? I really don’t know. Any ideas?


I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. What’s different about AGP or the community lately? Some thoughts:

  • Mounties are exercising more and listening to some sweet workout playlists this month (probably not, but hey - shameless plug).
  • The dissolution of the Neithernorian spirit we called Woolie. This make sense, for as they say, when one door closes, another opens. A door to Neithernor’s history has closed, and a door to the Book of the Wild has seemingly opened.
  • The unopen-able cabinet arrived after we found the password Vordicriminant.

Those are the only major changes I can think of. Anything else? Anything seemingly unconnected I’m overlooking?


Perhaps this is one of those bits of someone else that got caught in Woolie’s memories?

We also had the Vernal/Spring Equinox yesterday, which could have some magiqal significance.


And it was a full moon, too!


I found more before it vanished. Thankfully I type fast. Looks like it’s going to be a long night. (Luckily, Sabes keeps a sleeping bag in the office because you never know what time magiq might call.)

Something is happening. Most of the world continues on the rails of mundane life, but those living within the eddies of magic are concerned. Like birds aware of an impending storm before they’ve caught sight of far-off clouds. Magimystic energy is behaving erratically, or so I’m told by my nephew and his coven, who are all aflutter with activity and are currently using the bookstore basement as a central office to investigate it, though I’m unclear why and frankly, haven’t tried to understand. I chose a life free of magic. As much as one can be free of magic knowing the history of our family, and having seen more than most could ever imagine exists. My brother never understood, not entirely, why I chose to live a mostly-mundane life, or more so why I relinquished my part in Ackerly Green Publishing in exchange for my little book shop on the first floor. I contend that there is more that matters in the world than magic and its never-ending pursuit.


We live very strange professional lives. Stay safe. I’m here with the kids tonight but I’ll relieve you as soon as I can. Order whatever you want, on me.


The most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a while.

One of our found memories. She owned a little bookshop on the first floor. Second memory. They’re hers, for sure.


Definitely all one person. Sounds like we may be hearing about the fighting for the oppressed soon.

It may be one of the sections of time changed by the combining of the two Books.


Definition of irony? A person who chose a life without magic is magically telling us what its like for a world in the process losing its magic.


There may have been more to this one but it faded before I could finish transcribing. I’m so sorry!

“Sully attempted to explain “wells” to me when I finally asked why he and his rowdy, over-excited friends he calls a coven have set up what they call “basecamp” in the cellar. What I gathered from his rambling was that there are places in the world “touched by magic” in a way that leaves an indelible mark. He and his associates use them as barometers to measure magimystic energy. He says that very recently wells have begun growing deeper, stronger, and behaving more strangely. He says that wells growing deeper might sound like a good thing, but in fact, it may also mean that magic is trying to dig in and take hold as something attempts to take it. Or destroy it. We still know so little about how magic truly works. It is a strange time. Despite everything that’s happened, all that we have experienced and endured, what I would give to have my incorrigible older brother by my side. But he’s gone.”


The original Basecamp 33!!! :scream:


“I can’t sleep. They think I can’t hear, but Sully and his friends whisper about the dark force, once defeated, and their fear that it may have risen again, and these strange events might be warnings of a coming storm. I know our minds are simply running rampant, searching for a cause. But you can’t unring a bell. A name that had almost lost its chill, but now the old familiar cold has returned.”


Goodness there’s a lot to unpack here, but I’d be much more intelligent if it wasn’t 3 am. I’m going to attempt sleep (stupid dream spell messed up my sleep cycle) and maybe come back to it in the morning when I’m smarter. Or afternoon. Early evening maybe? Idk whenever I’m awake next.


I’m in the office. I just sent Catherine home. I’ll take watch now and let you know if anything else shows up.


I know, right! Is their basecamp based on the coven that Colby was a part of? What circumstances could have pushed them together and kept them together in the Book of the Wild?


Random Friday morning thoughts (Hey it beats working…and I kinda missed posting these.)

  1. If Sully is her nephew, then her brother is the Book of Wild version of Warner Green, who ‘is gone’ according to her. Now lots of people don’t like to say things like ‘deceased’ and use euphemisms, but what if the best way to describe it is actually ‘gone’. Like…to neithernor. Where he was present when the Silver tried to take over and he ended up a ghost trying to get back in touch with his family…at Ackerly Greeen Publishing, except he doesn’t realize that world doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. Here’s a brain buster for you… If Warner fled to Neithernor in the Book of the Wild, and Sullivan entered it from the Book of Kings…are they in the same Neithernor? Are they Father and Son or complete strangers? Of course maybe Neithernor is only a Book of Kings fabrication. No idea.

  3. Is this really the Book of the Wild we’re hearing about? From way back from Fragment 2 the ‘other world’ was described as having people descended from merfolk who turned into fish people when needed. A sailor spontaneously developing telekinesis powerful enough to lift a life raft and all aboard. A boy raised to be a fairy king. If the people who ‘did not die’ were from the Book of the Wild then I expected…I don’t know…more than a handful of people in a basement trying to figure this out over there. Like…wouldn’t magic vanishing from the world be all anyone could talk about in a world all about magic? Is it possible we’re seeing something, or somewhere else? Or is it possible we have no idea what the Book of the Wild really looks like? (Probably the second.)

  4. Seriously…what was up with the phone number from fragment 4?! That question is going on my tombstone.

Edit: A refresher on the Green family we know about for anyone was curious. I had to dig this up to check my half-baked ideas against.


I DO NOT type as quickly as @Catherine.

Things are changing rapidly. Even those living their lives in the strictly mundane have begun to experience the alterations. We have far less time that we realized, and yet we still don’t know what’s truly happened, only that our world is changing, and magic is somehow being eradicated. Even the bridges are beginning to falter. If they were to break… I know enough about the magimystic to understand what that possibility portends.

Those in the greater world of the magimystic with more courage and foresight than I have taken the offensive, on a worldwide hunt for whoever might be responsible, hoping to undo the alterations, or at least stop what’s happening before all is too far gone.

I did not choose this world, this life, but to think that a universe of hidden wonder, just outside the periphery of the mundane, might cease to exist without anyone learning what is truly possible… To lose that choice without ever having learned it was a choice to make, that is a reason to fight.

EDIT: Those were three separate entries and I’m not 100% sure I got them all before they disappeared.