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Flinterforge Where the Flinterforged of all experiences can gather, learn, and share. Balimora Where Balimorans of all experiences can gather, learn, and share. Thornmouth Where Thornmouths of all experiences can gather, learn, and share. Weatherwatch Where Weatherwatchers of all experiences can gather, learn, and share. Gossmere Where Gossmerim of all experiences can gather, learn, and share. All Guild Where magimystics of all experiences can gather, learn, and share regardless of guild placement. Ebenguard Where Ebenguardians of all experiences can gather, learn, and share.
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About the The Guilds category 2 December 2, 2016
Walk in the Sand with Ebenguard

The element associated with Ebenguard is tides. Picture yourself walking along a shoreline, maybe it’s a hot day and you’re walking through wet sand to cool off, maybe it’s a little chillier and you’re just out for a str…

137 October 12, 2019
The Research Lab 50 October 2, 2019
Neithernor Reborn: Thornhouse 45 October 2, 2019
Bearings from the Lighthouse 21 September 30, 2019
Neithernor Reborn: The Ascension Rises 37 September 29, 2019
Neithernor Reborn: Ebenrest Awakens 24 September 25, 2019
Neithernor Reborn: The Castle of Vines Reshaped 32 September 24, 2019
Neithernor Reborn: The Future of Flinter's Glen 19 September 24, 2019
Neithernor Reborn-The Plains Await Us 18 September 21, 2019
A Balimoran Gathering!

So, we’ve never really had a welcome topic in here (besides the couple of individual introductions), and after a thought (cough reading Viv’s thread cough), we should probably have one over here. Old and new members ali…

72 September 19, 2019
Chaos Bearings 6 September 18, 2019
The Quarters of "The Ascension" - A Weatherwatch Introduction Thread

Upon the deck of The Ascension, there lies a set of french doors which lead into a space just under the upper deck. The room inside, though not completely defined, seems much larger than it should be, and as one explores…

38 September 16, 2019
2019 Guild Color Schemes Project 33 September 14, 2019
Getting Our Bearings - Flinterforged 3 September 12, 2019
Tidal Bearings 4 September 12, 2019
Bearings of the Many and the One 3 September 11, 2019
Castle of Vines: Overview 17 September 10, 2019
Tending the Mindflame

At the top of the Thornmouth lighthouse resides the Mindflame. It is a symbol of our guild and helps ships navigate the rocky shore below. As such, all guild members come to check on it at one time or another. We are a b…

44 September 10, 2019
Weatherwatch Base 18 September 10, 2019
Spells and Incantations for Those With a Will to Use Them 4 September 9, 2019
Our Gossmere Campsite

One of the images I’ve come to love is of Gossmere’s nomadic tribes meeting in their wanderings; sharing introductions, stories and news from afar. I’d like to recreate that image digitally with a place here on the foru…

13 September 2, 2019
Thornmouthian Guildhouse - Name TBA 27 August 30, 2019
How Have You Seen Your Guild Affinities and Abilities Manifest? 89 August 27, 2019
Dorm Room Tours 9 August 21, 2019
Magic Affinities: Thornmouth 22 August 21, 2019
A Treatise on Balimora and the Nature of Chaos 24 August 12, 2019
Once Upon A Time 31 August 5, 2019
Flintershop Orientation (A Flinterforge Intro Thread)

In light of the many, many new recruits to the Forum recently (which is awesome, by the way), I figured it would be good to get a place going for the newly “sorted” Flinterforge, as well as old-timers, to introduce ourse…

33 July 30, 2019
Remedies 16 July 23, 2019