Itsuki's Campfire

The Guide Here is where we'll create work and explore ideas about the <a href="">Magiq Guide</a>. We can explore how magic works and in what ways it inspires us/ The category will include: The Guilds This is where we'll explore ideas and create work about The Guilds. It's our chance to play and allow our imaginations to run a little wild. Let's see what magic we can build. The category will include: The Campfire Compendium This is where I will post creative writing topics so that we can share and build the history of our time here together, what we've learned, and we we believe into an official Campfire Compendium Fragments A place to explore elements from the fragments we've solved. Around the Campfire Around The Campfire is the place to submit prompt ideas, vote in polls, and discuss the Campfire Project with Itsuki.
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